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6th Mar

For all of those who play BF1, please be aware that the LEB server is owned by a cheater. He is currently banned by BF4DB. I encourage you to support NWG instead of LEB from now on.

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6th Mar

Well I just checked for myself. Cedarof Lebanon is indeed banned for hacking in BF4. What a bummer.

There are a couple German servers that are hardcore. Much easier to see your teams avatars on it. I personally only ping at around 115. In the old days that was the average ping. Very playable. They don't mind americans, as some servers in europe do.

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TwinGunsLLP 14th Oct
Right, as if you guys can't see all that stuff.
Angry_Cuban13 14th Oct
Gotta love it when they come playing innocent
TwinGunsLLP 13th Oct
Angry_Cuban13 13th Oct
No you are perma banned for being an edgy shitlord
Esgee 12th Oct
also did not insult admin or other players, just argued
Esgee 12th Oct
perma banned from all MiGaming servers for arguing with admin in discord, did not curse or break any rules listed here
Angry_Cuban13 9th Oct
Ponchito, we were having issues with our provider last night and today. What issues are you having?
H-PonchitoGerman 9th Oct
Hi guys, im having trouble joining the server!! is something wrong??
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