Best BF1 Rounds?
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22nd Oct 2016

Since there are no battlereports, I take screenshots of my best rounds. 
My Career ... career/850964640/bf1
Reply with yours!
Mine so far: (all of mine are infantry only games)

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Server 5


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24th Oct 2016

I had about 3 robs last night of 43k and one of 65k where i went 45_0 with the help of robest and gothaks...didn't take any screenshots though. ...but going from lvl 49 _ 55 last night should prove that. Plus i had a70_20 game in the forest map the night before
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25th Oct 2016

SchylerchaseTV  I thought you were not going to pick up BF1

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25th Oct 2016

Quote SchylerchaseTV  I thought you were not going to pick up BF1


I already said in another thread that I didn't like alpha or beta but enjoyed release. 
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27th Oct 2016

schylar, Iwas looking at your stats and have some constructive criticism if you want to hear it (this is just meant to help).

We'll start with the good then move onto the things that can improve to see those scores go up more.

K/D, acc and other killing stats look great. Where you can boost your score bigtime is teamplay bonus points. Always play with a squad leader (or as a squad leader) who is actively marking targets, fight on or near objectives whenever possible. This games points/xp are tied heavily on that. I was comparing your stats to mine and based on time you have about 1/4 of my score with over half the time played, while your kills and k/d are nearly identical to mine. This means that you are as effective a killer but not on objectives since i spent most of my time on or around/ capping objectives.

You should definitely start rolling with us in TS. It's more fun to play with a group for me and would love to have a another person who likes support with us (I love support too mg15 suppressive for death)

Anywho see you out there and keep cutting people down with that BAR!!!
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30th Oct 2016

Hmm, interesting. I will post some of my screenshots when I take them in the future.
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19th Nov 2016

AWWW my screenshot button wasn't working last night, i had a 105/9 game in an operation last night 48k score

Got this one today though ... LwsPCuhbcpQDL8
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i had around 3 coins, sold them when they were around 42xx somehting
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