Banned for 15 minutes
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18th May 2018

Hey there!

I'm actually curious how to prevent an issue I was just having.
My clanmates told me that the reason for the 15 minute ban was for not returning 3 screenshots.
It has something to do with punkbuster as far as I know, but I could find little info on how to actually fix it.

If any of you have some info on this case, because as far as I know it's a plug-in that automatically bans if a client is not giving back a single screenshot out of the three.

Thanks in advance!
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18th May 2018

Various things can prevent screenshots from being sent client side. The first thing I advise you to do is to update your Punkbuster client manually, we have seen an increased number of people getting kicked for PB issues and updating their client seems to have solved it. You can find the download link here.

Another thing that can prevent from screenshots from getting sent are an extremely slow connection and the last but not least is the player actively preventing the screenshots from being sent to hide the fact that they are using some sort of cheat or overaly that gives them an advantage over the other players.

We examine any temp ban for not sending screenshots due to the fact that in that majority of the cases the issue is with a cheater trying to hide the fact that they are cheating.

Be advised that if you get a 2nd temp ban for not sending screenshots you will be permanently banned from our servers.

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18th May 2018

Ah okay, I was actually starting to get worried because alot of people in the server didn't feel like I didn't know what was the matter.
I ran PBSV after a little research, and hope this has fixed the issue.
Because I can't recall enabling any sort of setting that blocks screenshots of some sorts, and I do understand now that it is to hide the fact that you're cheating.

It never happened to me before on the servers for as long as I played, and I will do anything to prevent any type of discredibilty.

If the issue isn't fixed yet (which I believe it did, because I played for a couple hours without any warnings) I will post an update here.

For now, thanks for the help, and see you on the battlefield.
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13th Jun 2018

hey cuban, I cheat, I cheat life and death everyday. does this count?

Could be worse, ya could get banned for telling an admin they really shouldn't ban players being the game is dying, oh wait that wasn't mi, the was banzore or just dont come into life a chosen one, either way works
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