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28th Nov 2016

Hey boys and the occasional kewl ass Girl Player.  I would like to put another question into the application to join MIG.

QUESTION:    What or where did your Gamer Tag/name/Call sign  come from?

At the same time, I'd  love to hear about how the current members came about with their names as well.

My tag; Derlict     In the Marines we had an ongoing joke about "Dereliction of Duty".  One day I was a bit late for Embassy guard duty and my 1st Sgt named me the Derlict of the Squadron for the day and the name became my official/unofficial call sign.

BTW, I was never late again.  Semper Fi !!!!

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28th Nov 2016

I had insane panda on the xbox 360. because i am crazy a lil when i play and say a ton of talk shit. stupidkoala comes from the same line. (i love mammals especially human females). and also every PC has a default koala picture that i use in game

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ http://www.twitch.tv/cmw_ ... stupidkoala

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28th Nov 2016

But yer pic here has a beaver mating with a goose. Now we all should agree that the Gooeaver is a fearsome beast with little regard for humans, but it is not even a match for the mighty Panda (black bear + Polar bear???). I want to see the true Angry Panda.

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29th Nov 2016

I google'd witty FPS names and someone said something about there was a game where the kill message was "You have been killed by [Player's Name]" and his favorite was 1000AngryMexicans so I figured I'd be an Angry Cuban.

Plus I guess it also goes with my in game behavior.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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29th Nov 2016

made the name when i was 12, but ill still show u what separates the good snipers..from the g1f73d sniper...

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29th Nov 2016

Here's the daily downer NOW.

I was living on the streets of Chicago at 15 years old. I spent the next 25 years or so living on and off the streets and in fleabag hotels. No I was not addicted to hard drugs. No I am not an Alcoholic. Yes I was a child in a family with abusive parents. There is a lot more to this but I will take it no further.

All those years on the street I called it Gorilla Urban Camping. Hence UrbanCamper.

Now you privileged little candyasses know why I'm so grumpy

Happy fucking birthday to me tomorrow I am 60
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29th Nov 2016

I got mine from my name actually being Schyler lol
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29th Nov 2016

I thought your name from camping and not moving hence you getting knifed ;-)

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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29th Nov 2016

I wish I had some cool story behind my name, it actually came about fairly simple. Growing up I shared the same first name as 3 of my best friends and we were always together so saying our first name would only cause confusion so everyone went by their last name, Bizzle was close to my last name and it just stuck, 239 is because bizzle is already taken most places so I use my area code, pretty simple lol
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Server #1:

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29th Nov 2016

I was so hoping that yer name came from a chance meeting with Snoop Dog. I could see it now, he's walkin up to you sayin' "Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle Bizzle" or sumthin like that.
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30th Nov 2016

Lol my name came from the way i like to try to play games "RockSolid" the the xXx is from moon shine and it makes the name look cool
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2nd Dec 2016

When i joined the Army they had us go around basic shouting our company and mascot... we were the Fox Phantoms. Once out, I just stuck with it and added street number i lived on.
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6th Dec 2016


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Angry_Cuban13 20th Sep
I saw the video, that's me everytime I fly
superhanssolo 19th Sep
in defence the of ruskies, this happened during military "war games", all they need to do is !f ?
Musket 19th Sep
First Ghost War PvP Open Beta, next week COD:WW2 Open Beta pc
Motorcharge 19th Sep
we can remove dragon valley for fucking ever or at least takes it off of like every other map vote
NTAK 19th Sep
Looks like the end is near: http://www.foxnews.com/sc ... theorists-claim.html
Musket 19th Sep
https://ghost-recon.ubiso ... s/ghostwar/beta.aspx Ghost Recon: Wildlands finally starts the PVP mode called Ghost War, its Open Beta for everyone in 2 days, you can preload it already www.migaming.us/290608/topic/ghost-recon-wildlandspvp-open-beta-21st-september-ajj
superhanssolo 19th Sep
he's a man flasher!
Motorcharge 18th Sep
It's not the first time that dude has done that. He'll also find people who use mortars and switch to Support so he can constantly throw flashbangs at them so they can't use them.
TwinGunsLLP 18th Sep
Nice, thank you sir!!
Angry_Cuban13 18th Sep
He has been taken care of
TwinGunsLLP 18th Sep
Chilidog saw it too.
TwinGunsLLP 18th Sep
Definitely agree about the player report concerning "fckingsuch1". The guy was a total clown, tking and griefing in base. Lasted for several rounds as well, thanks.
obeytheboss 16th Sep
i had around 3 coins, sold them when they were around 42xx somehting
TwinGunsLLP 15th Sep
True true, a bit of a rally today. I mean none of us who got in "early" can complain though, it's still been a great investment. Unless you bought over $3500 you're not a bag holder. Time will tell, good luck all!
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 15th Sep
Should have sold coins a while ago. They had been talking about it for a while. And with N. Korea hacking specifically to steal bit coins, more fallout likely to come.
Bizzle239 15th Sep
@TwinGunsLLP, hurts don't it!??
thekid 15th Sep
is ther an admin on rn?
superhanssolo 14th Sep
oh, wait..
superhanssolo 14th Sep
smoke all cubans!
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