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3rd Feb

Its been some time now since we CMW, now MiG has taken any kind of community consensus.

A great many things have been brought to my attention as of late.

We have always strived to remain an open community, allowing people from all walks of life a place amongst our ranks.

All genders, all ethnicities.. everyone.

The purpose of this post is to gather feedback from our most upstanding of members. People who gather here day after day, supporting our servers and community.

Seeders, Admins and everyone who represents MiG in a positive light.

We value your opinions concerning change, improvements and complaints..

So a couple of questions to you all..

1. Do you believe we operate and Administrate fairly?
2. Do you like the idea of us being an "open" community or would your like to see us become more stringent with our recruitment process?
3. What do you think about our website, good enough or could be better?
4. Would you like to see more of a variety with the gaming servers we provide?

Basically anything else in general that you would like to see implemented within your community.

All constructive comments are welcome here and will be taken very seriously.

This is your time to shine and voice your opinions...

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3rd Feb

The way this community operates has worked for years now, I see no need to change anything, the admins are all fair and respectable, the variety of our games is vast and continues to grow as more and more games come out and as new players join us, this is the longest I have ever stayed with one community and I will continue to stay
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3rd Feb

I think that the admin are doing a fair job and the higher ups do a good job keeping the admin in check. 

I think that being open to everyone is great but that we should be a little stricter on the people we recruit not in terms of private matters like gender and religion or whatever but in terms of quality of person and player, like we did with that guy's name through feedback with Cuban. I enjoy playing with MiG and on our servers because people don't take it overly seriously but also will play tactically in squads. I like that we respect people and that's an important factor for me.

 The website is a little discombobulated but I've spoken to a few people with an idea to open up the website to anyone who wants to help improve it with experience in one way or another. 

We have a lot of battlefield servers that we spend a lot of time seeding often with little or no effect. I don't know the exact details of costs but i know they aren't cheap. I just recently started playing on our arma server and its pretty epic. BlynD is doing an amazing job with those. Not sure what other games people play that we can host servers on but i know that 2017 should be a big year for VR and high-quality games...i hope anyway

That's my two cents

Manny The Mammoth
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4th Feb

.1 Some admins do their jobs great, some wear the tags for status in my opinion. Nothing new...

.2 I'm with TacMed on this one.
Don't get me wrong I do like the mentality "Shooting the shit with people in Teamspeak over a few rounds of battlefield" but I also miss the more dedicated to the gaming idea.
Unfortunately that whole idea slowly faded away and died out around the time I joined CMW.
I think we are still a few that cares a little bit more about that whole squad up and team play thing, but not many.
It's the gaming we are all here for in the ground right? So I think being a part of MiG should be somewhat based on skill.
(believe it or not but by saying based on skill I mean based on Infantry skill)

.3 Page is good, you find everything you need.

.4 Well there once was this Tank & Big vehicle maps server I wanted to see...Then I seen it for a little bit...Don't see it anymore.

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4th Feb

1. Fuck yeah we do, but I'm biased on this lol. I do think all admins should get together and make sure we understand how to enforce the rules. For example I've been told that some admins won't enforce the no-politics in game or chat.

2. I don't have a problem with us being an open community, but we should be conducting a background check on players when they apply. We should also be asking them to be more active on TS. Because honestly I'll see some random dude on the server with MIg tags and have no clue who he is. We should also make sure that if they go to other servers of other communities to NOT make us look bad. We recently had one member attempt recruiting in a server and I was made aware of this. We don't need recruiting nor do we need people making us look bad.

3. The website feels too mid-2000. I feel like it could be upgraded to look a little more smooth and modern. I know where to find everytbing but often enough people who are ban message me because they can't find the appeals section. Maybe add shortcuts in the main page for player reports, ban appeals, etc. Most active people know where to find it but others don't.

4. I feel like we support a wide range of games, I mean we have TS channels for almost anything. Brian provided a very insightful post which highlights what it takes to start a server or for MIg to put their name on one and I feel like those standards should be followed to the T to avoid failures.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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4th Feb

1. Do you believe we operate and Administrate fairly?
I'd hope that I give all players a fair shake, if not I'm open to comments / criticism

2. Do you like the idea of us being an "open" community or would your like to see us become more stringent with our recruitment process?
I'm kind of in favor of a more closed community, for the reason that we should want people who actually want to be part of this community, it should be a badge of honor, not a piece of flair that everyone gets like a participation trophy.

3. What do you think about our website, good enough or could be better?
Going to be completely honest, and sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings but I have hated our background for the longest time and I can't put my finger on it. I think it reminds me of something I'd just stumble upon on instagram.

4. Would you like to see more of a variety with the gaming servers we provide?
Not wanting to over extend ourselves I'd say we stick to our core, yea it might be fun to dabble and experiment for whatever reason, but unless there is a huge demand for something I'd say just hold what we got for now.
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"The quieter you are, the more you are able to hear" ― Ram Dass

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4th Feb

1. Do you believe we operate and Administrate fairly?
I think we do, at least I try my best to give everyone the same treatment and if I don't think I can because of my personal opinions I will ask for other admins opinions to make sure I handle the situation fairly. But I will agree with the other person here that said some admins just wear the title without actually providing any admin duties. I feel if you're going to wear the admin title you should have to provide some admin duties to the servers (and I understand life can catch up to you and leave you with little time to do so but there should be some line drawn to prevent the admin perks to be just given out without any benefit to the community)  

2. Do you like the idea of us being an "open" community or would your like to see us become more stringent with our recruitment process?
I'm a little torn on this one, I see benefits and downfalls from both sides. As an "open" community we get some toxic players that wear our tags and make our image less prestigious as it should be and makes some players feel like their maybe better places to spend their time. On the other side more stringent application/review process could lower our population in a way that could also negatively effect our popularity among the battlefield franchise.  I think our application process could be a little more stringent but not so much to deter people from wanting to join. I'm all in favor to make their be a minimum amount of time spent on our servers (without any disciplinary actions) before you can even qualify to apply would be good, it would weed out a lot of the toxic players before they even have a chance to join. 

3. What do you think about our website, good enough or could be better?
Just being honest here, but it is rather dated in my opinion, it could use a refresh/update. Also the most important update IMHO has to be the "search" feature, as it is now it's useless! I've given up even trying to find anything using the search feature and it's a must have for admins doing research, for instance when a player comes to you on TS and says he did a re-install of his/her windows/TS client and lost their member tag it's impossible to find using the search feature, I have on numerous occasions had to search all 18 pages of new member apps only to find out they never applied (properly) in the first place and having a search feature that works would make that process so much easier. 

4. Would you like to see more of a variety with the gaming servers we provide?
This is mostly up to the community and donors. If there is a demand and donors to share the server cost/s and an active (trusted) community member to admin for said new game server, i don't see the problem with it. As long as all these conditions are met as outlined HERE by  PrOpR1oCePtIoN I wouldn't mind seeing more games being hosted by MiG. 

These are just my opinions but I think with more feedback from the community and an open discussion with our more dedicated players/members we could absolutely make some improvements that the community as a whole would benefit from.   I'm just glad to be part of a community that cares enough to even have an open discussion about matters like these that involve the community, after all we wouldn't be where we are with out the players within our community so I'm glad to have their feedback. 
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Server #1:

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4th Feb

Also, Derlict should be required to send nudes on a weekly basis to assess his diet progression....

Shit wrong thread.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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11th Feb

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11th Feb

So cold Banana boy. So cold.

Yer sister did say I was a bit heavy but she was only holding one part of me.

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21st Feb

Question 1: Do you believe we operate and Administrate fairly?

Answer 1: It been my experience that the MIg administrators do an excellent job of administering the Battlefield 4 and Team Speak servers... even Cuban.  No one should expect that there be administrators available 24\7, as they are not paid and have lives… even Cuban.

Question 2: Do you like the idea of us being an "open" community or would your like to see us become more stringent with our recruitment process?

Answer 2: I’ve gamed online since the mid 90’s (Cuban says I’m old), I’ve held many positions in lots of clans over the years and it’s been my experience that the more regulated and authoritarian the environment is, the less people enjoy showing up to play.

In reference to the recent executive order on the zero tolerance policy for trash talking in chat and Team Speak, I’m concerned that this will cause confusion and have a negative impact on server populations. The confusion is caused in part by the naming of the MIg servers “i.e. No Stupid Rules” and also by what constitutes trash talking.

First, Server Names... when the random gamer see’s the term “No Stupid Rules” in the server name they assume there’s No Stupid Rules. So it’s understandable that they might not be happy or even mad if they get kicked\banned for talking trash in chat, and might tell their friends. This can quickly spread by word of mouth or by social media and then no one wants to play on the MIg servers. Yes, the rules are posted on the MIG website, no one will go to the site and read the rules before joining a server.

Next, Trash Talking... what exactly can’t we say? For example, last week I asked another MIg member in Team Speak if they are always going to be in a tank, and he replied “No, sometimes I’m in your mom” it was hilarious, and everyone laughed their ass off (I’m still laughing about it)... So is that now out of bounds now?

Can we still tell players to shut their “CryHole” when they constantly whine like a baby? (Yes Steve, I’m talking about you) or call players stupid or retarded when they do something stupid and retarded things?

I think everyone understands it’s common sense not to use racist or bigoted terms, but now we can’t talk trash? Many players consider that part of gaming. When I get tired of anyone running their mouth or causing drama I just switch squads, teams or mute those people.

I’m new here and I don’t know all the MIg personalities yet, but in the short time I’ve been here I’ve witnessed people in chat and Team Speak starting drama and acting like they’re above the law or that the rules don’t apply to them. Look I get it... these are MIg servers and the owners\admins can run them as you see fit, but I think there is a perceived level of favoritism going on.

I like to think that I’ve made some new friends here (even Cuban). I support the community as much as possible by seeding servers and I contributing to the forums when I have time… but at the end of the day it’s just internet gaming and if it gets too stupid or drama filled I’ll probably leave.

Question 3: What do you think about our website, good enough or could be better?

Answer 3: Yes, it could be better organized.

Question 4: Would you like to see more of a variety with the gaming servers we provide?

Answer 4: Yes, Battlefield 1 (it’s really not bad)
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I suffer from a Empathy Deficiency Disorder, and I don't think I care.

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21st Feb

Quote“No, sometimes I’m in your mom”
even cuban.
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̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ M ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐i ͐ͩ͋̂G ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐
̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂S ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐UP ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿eR-̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐HA͓͉̝̳̦̘̮̖̬ͧ̓̒̔ͮN͔͎̝͉̥ͩͫ̏s

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22nd Feb

This is a follow-up to my last comments:

While surfing around I came across the following statements on the About Murder Inc Gaming page and on the iClan Website:

 Murder Inc Gaming

MIgaming, where there are no stupid rules!

You've found the home for the "No stupid rules" community. Our community is geared to be an easy-going, drama-free, fun, and social environment for members and guests alike to enjoy their favorite games the way they want to enjoy them... not how some administrator wants them to be played.

After pondering the current MIg mission statement, I think it conflicts with the new zero tolerance policy for trash talking... just something to think about. Also has anyone considering allowing the MIg community to submit changes for review? or vote on changes? This could be limited to only members who donate.

*Note: My comments are not meant to be taken as any type of an attack or negative criticism on any part of the Murder Inc Gaming community.  I really enjoy the MIg community, I’m just a little concerned as to its future direction.

Thank you for your time

I suffer from a Empathy Deficiency Disorder, and I don't think I care.

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