Where The Fuck Is Fazzdaan?
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24th Mar 2016

Hi  BF4 folks.

No, I did not do a real disappearing act.  But I clearly have some issues going on.

On February 2nd I fucked up my shoulder that already was arthritic and facing an eventual Total Shoulder Replacement.  It took me awhile to be able to see my orthopaedic surgeon again and then the MRI and other shit.  Right after the MRI we did still go on a booked cruise that I could have cancelled and been fully reimbursed by my trip insurance, but my wife would have clearly been unhappy with that.  So instead we went and I lost 1.5 pounds after in addition to my Percocet the Advil fucked up my stomach.  So my diet has been limited to poached chicken and white rice.

Back to the shoulder...

As we were arriving in Long Beach to sail Carnival Miracle my surgeon's office called and said they wanted a second opinion because the shoulder was so fucked up, but that the asshole radiologist reading this mentioned, among full thickness muscle tears and tendon tears, adhesive capsulitis, a/k/a frozen shoulder.  (I have had that once before and this ain't that...)  So I am being sent next week to one of the top 20 shoulder surgeons in the US so he can give a fresh view of the situation and decide if now is the time for the Total Shoulder Replacement even though I am ** only ** 64, considered young for a TSR.  If the surgeon suggests a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement he would likely be the one doing that since my surgeon doesn't do that procedure.

I have also been booking a few cruise groups while all this is going on because, well,  money is money.

I may be on a MIA, but I haven't given up.  I may pop on for awhile if I can, but I am dealing with quite a bit of pain and degrees of being fucked up.

So that is where I am, that is what is going on and no, I haven't left for a few years again.


Fazz (John)
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24th Mar 2016

Good luck Fazz!
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"This community is being dragged down by the balls by Angry_Cuban" - Maverick, 2018

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24th Mar 2016

Hope they figure it out and you get to feeling well soon. Surgeries suck.
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Thanks for making everything okay Howie, say hi to Linda.
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Yo Im here so, like yah , things are ok now
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Konflict did a bad thing, so he was put in timeout.
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Thanks for the update, but you guys need to let people know what's going on.
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