Watch out for the seasonal email scams
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24th Nov 2017

There was an email, seemingly from Amazon in my inbox this morning. It claimed to be a survey. Seemed suspicious since it has been a while since I purchased anything on Amazon. So I checked online and sure enough there is an Amazon survey email scam. Looks like a pretty nasty one too, from what I have read about it.

On a side note here. Has anyone noticed an uptick of crap in there inbox since that credit bureau got hacked?

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30th Nov 2017

Not more then the usual stuff.
If you all haven't done it yet, Equifax free credit monitoring. ... /
I got this notice in my USPS mailbox from one of my creditors. Legit.

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30th Nov 2017

If you use Equifax's monitoring you won't be allowed to sue them for their data breach or participate in any type of law suit in the future.
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4th Dec 2017

I got this notice from my AT&T.
These was no disclosure that would keep me from doing so in the future.
As far as I could see. Now a days, who knows. Strange bedfellows?
I see it this way, why live the nightmare if it happens to me. Is it reaaly worth all the stress, frozen accounts, no money. We've all heard some kind of horror story. I don't want to be another statistic.
Worst case scenario could also be the norm. With this FREE monitoring, I get notified instantly. It has already worked for me since I signed up last week! US Dept. of Education when I went to Berkeley College with my son and did our yearly financing for his schooling. Senior year.
"We encourage you to take the following steps to help protect your identity:
1. Visit to determine if you are potentially affected and sign up for credit monitoring theft protection.
2. Contact major credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert and/or credit freeze on your credit report, and learn about identity theft programs offered by the Federal TRade Commission Details on how to contact reporting agencies and FTC can also be found at https://www.consumer.ftc. ... gov/
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TwinGunsLLP 11:54 AM
2080ti should be $800 tops, not a penny more.
TwinGunsLLP 11:53 AM
It's a gigantic miss for me, looking at these benchmarks the only noticeable improvement I see anywhere is in 4k and we don't even monitors good enough yet really. Ray Tracing is a bust, whose going to go back to 60fps max at 1080p for that?
Angry_Cuban13 11:44 AM
Yet some people are eating that shit right up
TwinGunsLLP 9:02 AM
Reviews showing the 2080 is also slower than the 1080ti in some instances. So less performance, features that don't even exist yet, and $200 more than a new 1080ti? Sign me up!
TwinGunsLLP 8:57 AM
Since I'm still at 1440p very happy with the decision to wait.
TwinGunsLLP 8:56 AM
So RTX 2080 ti benchmarks are coming in, it looks like a great card for 4K but not much of an improvement at all over the 1080ti at 1440 and 1080. Looks like I made a good decision to cancel preorder until 4K monitors become better.
TwinGunsLLP 17th Sep
Yep G-Sync is fantastic, enjoy! I just wish they'd bring back 3D vision as well but I guess that tech is dead.
Floof 17th Sep
going from 60hz 4k to 144hz 2k is aaaaaammmaaazzziiing­
Floof 17th Sep
and gsync!
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
Oh nice monitor, 1440p and high refresh ftw!
Angry_Cuban13 16th Sep
He got the Xb271hu
Angry_Cuban13 16th Sep
Almost like Ray Tracing isn't so hot
Angry_Cuban13 16th Sep
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
It's looking the 2080 might only be 5% or so faster than 1080ti, no wonder they aren't selling em.
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
So the 2080ti release date has been kicked back to the 27th, while the 2080 is still dropping on the 20th. It's easy to still find preorder slots for the 2080, hmmm. More shennanigans by Nvidia?
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
Hey that's great Cuban, which one did he get?
Snarfsnarfff 15th Sep
lol i didnt see that about the reviews. I agree tho 27" seems small for 4k 32" is like the smallest id go 4k. good too see they cracked the 60hz wall for 4k tho.
Angry_Cuban13 15th Sep
Twin, HowDoIShot just got his new Predator!
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