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28th Aug 2016

Couple of Ideas here. Not really sure what the size needs to be. Give me the dimensions for an easy resize. Also can put whatever background is wanted on them.

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28th Aug 2016

I like them!

I think the format is more so like a banner / strip

(xxx*xx) res

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28th Aug 2016


̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ M ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐i ͐ͩ͋̂G ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐
̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂S ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐UP ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿eR-̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐HA͓͉̝̳̦̘̮̖̬ͧ̓̒̔ͮN͔͎̝͉̥ͩͫ̏s

Forum » Community » General Discussion
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TwinGunsLLP 11:37 PM
Sure have a good night
LBCdirtyD 11:23 PM
thanks for letting me know
TwinGunsLLP 11:20 PM
Yeah 1080ti since the day it came out, great card.
LBCdirtyD 11:18 PM
Wow. That sucks so you just rocking single GPU then these days huh
TwinGunsLLP 11:15 PM
It's more a recent thing, the 10xx series seemed to want to kill it off.
LBCdirtyD 11:14 PM
Did they recently just start kiling off SLI i had no issues back in day when BF4 came out with my SLI 680FTWs it was mega diff in FPS then
TwinGunsLLP 11:14 PM
Yep. SLI is only good for benchmarking and putting up big numbers. For actual game play, the microstutter is terrible and I even have GSYNC monitor.
LBCdirtyD 11:13 PM
If the performancce was major good keep it in SLI now doubt I will even do that just keep the FE in there I dont use it all the time anyway.
TwinGunsLLP 11:13 PM
Ahh, yeah I wouldn't bother. Believe I love the idea of multiple GPUs, but it just doesn't work well.
LBCdirtyD 11:12 PM
My driving sim has 1080Ti Founders Edition in mid size case I hate how much heat it pumps out and was gonna sell it get the new FTW3 and use in SLI till sold the FE one.
LBCdirtyD 11:11 PM
Dang that is sad to hear actually. I was going to pick up another 1080Ti FTW and sell my 1080Ti from my Driving sim PC I hate how much heat it dumps and SLI for minute till I sold it.
TwinGunsLLP 11:11 PM
I think Doom is another game where only one card is working.
TwinGunsLLP 11:10 PM
Also keep in mind, sli doesn't work in all games (Just Cause 3 for example). So on a lot of games, only one card will be working anyway.
TwinGunsLLP 11:10 PM
It's been getting progressively worse with each new generation of cards, I was really bummed out with how bad it was with the 10xx series.
LBCdirtyD 11:08 PM
I had no idea damn that sucks actually
LBCdirtyD 11:08 PM
oh wow when did they kill it off recently?
TwinGunsLLP 11:02 PM
The micro stutter is very obvious, even with the HB bridge. Sli is essentially dead, I recommend one card and one card only unless things change dramatically.
TwinGunsLLP 11:01 PM
No sir! Do NOT sli that 1080ti, it's a complete waste of money and the stuttering is trash. Believe me on that, don't waste your time/money on 1080ti sli!
LBCdirtyD 10:57 PM
Twins since new cards are waste sounds like. Is SLI still worth doing? Last time I did was 680FTW and currently have 1080Ti FTW3 and thinking SLI? I know you always SLI
TwinGunsLLP 2:14 PM
I wanted to spend the money as I love the newest stuff and I haven't upgraded in forever (for me at least), but this is just waste of money. Nothing more.
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