Travel/couch cushion laptop! Boring guide.
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20th Aug 2016

So when I don't want to sit at my desk to do "work things", I use a laptop.
Want to sit with my S/O while they watch stupid shit on TV and paint my toenails: laptop.
If I'm just too tired to sit upright but want to plug in: laptop. 
If I want to go to a bar and people watch while I devour wings and shoot bourbon: laptop.

Moral of the story being, I have a use for mobile computers. When it comes to computers, I can justify spending stupid amounts of money, but not on a laptop. Unfortunately, to purchase a laptop that will match the performance of most of our desktops, you still have to pay in bars of fucking gold. So, since I didn't want to pay for a monstrous MSI or Alienware, I started reviewing what games I can actually play abroad (public internet speeds being the limitation) and what I do besides gaming and what resources I would need to continue business as usual. 

The list of simple specs I came up with:
1080p display (I hate low-res display syndrome)
8g ram
quad core
backlit keyboard
solid state drive (speed and reliablility)
Most important; battery life.

Turns out this is slightly harder to find with out scraping the copper off of quite a few pennies. So after some digging, here's what I decided on: DellChromebook
Pros- I3 with HD5500 graphics, 11 hours of battery life with Unity Ubuntu, 8gb of ram, ubgradeable drive, full frame HDMI port(that I don't use) backlit keyboard, USB 3.0, microSD slot, 1080p disply, can run SEABIOS and it's rubbery.
Cons- It runs ChromeOS so it requires some work out of the box, factory drive is onyl 32gb, only a dual core(even though it runs 4 threads), only two usb ports, it has a chrome keyboard instead of a standard US keyboard.

                                             Make a Dell Chromebook 13 into an 11-hour, 512GB, Linux or Windows10 powered ankle biter for ~$600.

The thread where I found that the Dell 13 had an UPGRADEABLE HARD DRIVE before I purchased it and WHERE THE WRITE PROTECT SCREW IS:  Hard drive
Here's the hard drive I used: 512gb

When you upgrade the hard drive, remove the write protect screw. After you upgrade the hard drive and have ChromeOS running again: Legacy boot that bitch.
1) Hold escape, refresh, power for one second, it will reboot. CTRL-D. Space for dev mode.
2) Sign back in, on the ChromeOS desktop press ctrl-alt-t for a terminal.
3) Type 'shell' and press enter.
4) Enter: cd; rm -f; curl -k -L -O ...; sudo -E bash
5) Select option '1' for RW and let it run.
6) Once it's all wrapped up use SU command to make the shell terminal a superuser shell.
7) Enter: crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1
9) Select the media that has your Linux or Win10 installation and run like normal.
10) Windows SHOULD downloads all of your drivers for you and everything should work fine. I used Windows10 for about 8.3 seconds and made a Linux install drive.
10-B) Everything except the backlit keyboard works out of the box in Linux.

To make the backlit kayboard work:  keyboard

To match the keyboard layout with xkeyboard-config enter:  localectl set-x11-keymap us chromebook
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20th Aug 2016
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20th Aug 2016

nice guide, ive heard good things about the dell chromebook 13

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B1G7r33 (Banned)
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20th Aug 2016

Once you actually get past the boot selection, it's booted in less than five seconds on all of the Linux variants I've tried (even with the big drive. Smooth in CS:GO, Portal 2, Team Fortress. All in 1080p at the pre-selected settings. Definitely not a power house, but a good choice for a budget otg laptop.

The only plant in the ant.

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