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1st Mar 2018

Hi Everyone!

I've been around a while, but pretty new to the clan - so I'm not exactly sure the powers that be. Having said that I know there's been some talk about discord because it's free but it doesn't have the plugins needed, etc etc. I work in the IT industry and I have a rack at a datacenter with a VM host server with a lot of spare capacity. I'm happy to talk with whoever about providing a VM (or more if needed) to MiG that would be capable of running TS and even the website if you wanted. I'd be willing to give you root access to said VM and even VPN access to its internal IP if you wanted so you'd have full control. Just name the Linux or Windows flavor. All you'd need to do is tell me which ports you want popped for the public IP. I don't know if there are any games where you all run servers for on your own hosted equipment but I'd be happy to host those too. I wouldn't charge you for this of course. I know that funding some of these operations can be expensive and I'm happy to help where I can! I really like this community a lot and wish to help see it thrive.

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1st Mar 2018

Where my R210 at?

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