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4th Apr 2017

For those of you who don’t know about it yet, the MIg Admin(s) setup “Team Channel” Team Speak on the MIg servers… and I wanted to say Thank you, and we appreciate it.  
Team Channel – There are 2 team channels, and when you join your teams channel you only interact with people that are in your battlefield team. You cannot interact with people who are in the other team channel or any squad channels. To enter your teams channel, type: !tsteam
Squad Channel – There is a channel for every squad and If you join one of these channels, you can only interact with people that are in your battlefield squad. To enter you squads channel, type: !tssync
You guys might want to add an admin message of the MIg servers explaining these options and the commands.
Thank you again!

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4th Apr 2017

is it !stsync or !tssync

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5th Apr 2017

It's !tssync

I have edited his post to reflect the correct command.

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I think warnings and reporting players are off. Seen a could word that should have caused punish but did not.
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