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26th Mar 2016

I was just wondering if squad sync is ever going to be available on Teamspeak again.  I'm sure, for the most part, it isn't normally that big on a problem., however, on the weekends such as today (Saturday), it has been a big problem.  Especially on MIG Battlefield Server # 1 because there are over 20 people on TS and, for the most part, 90% of people on the TS channel for server 1 have been on the same team.
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26th Mar 2016

I second this. It's very important and requested by a lot of players. Please fix this problem. Having so many people try to communicate successfully in one channel is impossible.
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26th Mar 2016

People need comm discipline. Game chat only. It all works out then.

But its good to have the option to be in the squad channel vs team channel. Please add squad channels again. Thank You.
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26th Mar 2016

Yes I do agree with Shoink, it's been like that for what, 2 months now. When i do play BF4 it's nice to have the squad channels up & running. So I too 2nd this motion to have an admin set this feature back up.
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26th Mar 2016

I totally agree! One of the things I loved about #1 was the squad sync. That's one of the reasons I haven't played BF as much.... That and I'm too busy sucking at World of Warships. lol

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26th Mar 2016

I agree, when there are 20 people in TS it gets hard for anyone to talk without 3-4 voices at once if squad sync is off.
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27th Mar 2016

Okay. Just wanted to give it a try due to the amount of channels. Will fix it :-)
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29th Mar 2016

Mine has been having issues for the past couple of day. Most of the time early in the morning. It doesn't put me in a squad channel. Once it moved me to multiple channels prior to putting me the right channel.

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29th Mar 2016

QuoteMine has been having issues for the past couple of day. Most of the time early in the morning. It doesn't put me in a squad channel. Once it moved me to multiple channels prior to putting me the right channel.
you bounce a lot, while switching maps, between teams and squads when the server scrambles the team just a FYI

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