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9th Jul 2016

Hi all,

I am taking a break for a little while. 
Thanks for great time. 

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Whiner - Definition

A little unmasculine feminine bitch who whines about everything and anyone and cant just let things lie. They create drama.

They usually scream "Hacker", "It's unfair" & "I got kicked for no reason"

If you have time to whi

KonflicT_RiZe (Banned)
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10th Jul 2016

Be safe brother. We'll see you when you return for BF1!

"If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny"

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Angry_Cuban13 13th Aug
Pro, not sure what you are asking?
-{F©}-ProStock 13th Aug
what's the perk level for 4 players ??
-{F©}-ProStock 13th Aug
he's asking donations for new account you will never ban him
Angry_Cuban13 9th Aug
I'll get to it in the morning. Bed time for me now.
M3t@L 9th Aug
can you review my appeal ?
TwinGunsLLP 9th Aug
Spawn camping isn't against the rules, the whole premise of your argument is flawed.
M3t@L 9th Aug
jbesides banning
M3t@L 9th Aug
hey man, you can only reject my request also
Angry_Cuban13 9th Aug
TwinGunsLLP 9th Aug
Probably right Cuban.
Angry_Cuban13 9th Aug
Because you keep reporting people for spawncamping. I know I told you to stop doing that and here you continued
M3t@L 9th Aug
cant find why i am banned from bf4 server 10 ?
Angry_Cuban13 9th Aug
I don't think we'll be seeing SLI come back with how much single cards are handling right now
TwinGunsLLP 9th Aug
1080 series sli was horrible.
TwinGunsLLP 9th Aug
Also very interested to see if sli makes any sort of comeback from the grave type action.
TwinGunsLLP 9th Aug
Looks like Geforce 2080s drop next month? Hope I can get my hands on one and the @#@@!% shitcoin miners don't steal em all.
TwinGunsLLP 9th Aug
Angry_Cuban13 9th Aug
Yep, he tried to circumvent the ban and he got rekt. Can't wait to find any other accounts under his name to ban them
OrangeEnergyJeb 9th Aug
Ganja has a new name?
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