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10th Aug 2016

Hey, I don’t know how many of you play Dungeons & Dragons or other Tabletop RPGs so I thought I’d leave this here if there are any.
There is an online convention coming up called, BrigadeCon. It was started by the Facebook group The RPG Brigade  , which is a group of RPG YouTubers and just players and DMs. There will be live games, topic panels, and Q&As. It’s all free, but they are trying to get people to donate to Child’s Play. Child’s Play is a charity that gives board games etc to kids that were victims of abuse and to Children’s Hospitals for kids and theirs siblings there for extended stays. (I love this because my 16mo old niece has eye cancer and is in Children’s a lot, I’ve seen how bored the kids there can get.)
Since, I’m on the subject thought I’d link some FB groups you may not know about if you’re into RPGs and some YouTube channels with great content. Also, if you’re intrigued by D&D and other games like it but have never played and would like to see what it’s all about, I’ll leave you a list of games on YouTube that you can search for and see what’s up.

Games to watch on YouTube:
Acquisitions Incorporated (Pax celebrity game)  – This game is a bit on the sillier side, but very entertaining. It started at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) in like 2010 as a celebrity DND game with Wil Wheaton, the guys from Penny Arcade and others playing and Chris Perkins Game Designer and Lead Editor at Wizards of the Coast (WotC – Company that makes D&D). Perkins is an amazing DM. Later in the series Patrick Rothfuss (author of The KingKiller Chronicles) joins.  Some of their games happened on Podcasts so there may be continuity issues.  [Search Pax Celebrity DND game or Acquisitions Incorporated] ... atch?v=gp0PgnXXf_A
http://pennyarcade.wikia. ... st_of_D%26D_Podcasts
Titansgrave  – Bit serious, bit fun. DM’d by Wil Wheaton himself. Great production value. ... vydqNVClXAH3GRT0pAp2
Critical Role  – A More serious game that is played by all voice actors. Very good. ... CkC062rKwXTvJtcqFB8i
Force Grey: Giant Hunters  – GM’d by same GM as Critical Role. Chris Hardwick (Nerdist, Talking Dead, Talking Bad, etc.) plays, more voice actors, and general geeky celebs ( Brian Posehn ) ... fMrrEpm9mFzuP-TSmDMe
The Provokers  – Serious Game. Great game. DM’d and played by people you won’t know, but great story. They are all members of the Facebook groups below and this game produced enough of a following that they started their own publishing company, Absolute Tabletop. ... tjqVUnS0xSEdlS7FXzBf

Some Great Channels to Sub to: ... bletopterrors/videos ... terGameMaster/videos ... ser/aFistfulofDice ... er/WASD20Nate/videos ... ser/woodwwad/videos ... aptainGothnog/videos

FaceBook Groups:
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22nd Aug 2016

I've always had an interest, there's a "cards and more" tabletop and novelty store that has several tables set up for D&D that always has players hanging out of all ages. I venture in whenever I get tired of the drunks my family hangs out with at the bar next door at "family events". Usually get the hard eye and cold shoulder being an outsider... Doesn't help that I look like a redneck/ jock douche type, lol

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22nd Aug 2016

Watch a game online, especially Provokers. Most games will take anyone in. I play with family. 3 uncles, 2-4 cousins, spouses occasionally, and their grown kids.
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15th Sep 2016

I watch Critical Role every Thursday night when they stream it live, love the characters and story.

My group plays Pathfinder every other weekend. Great way to have a low cost hobby together and have an excuse to drink and grill out.

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15th Sep 2016

I've wanted to get into DnD locally but haven't had any luck nor do I have the first clue in how to start or even play.

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16th Sep 2016

Matt Colville has a some good youtube videos on what it is and how to start. In person is much better than online, that I agree with.

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