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19th Jun 2017

Walnut Creek ,California....Temp was 110 in my backyard.

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19th Jun 2017

Hey man, it could be could have humidity alongside with those temps

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19th Jun 2017

Yea, it's a dry heat. Like standing in front of a big ass hair drier.

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TwinGunsLLP 7:57 PM
For sure! There doesn't seem to be any concrete proof yet, so fingers crossed it's just nonsense!
Texas_Flexas 7:52 PM
Oh come on... The biggest thrill of conquest is the fact that very close matches are RARE. To i understand why/if they have a feature like this, but imo it kills the magic. I really hope this is not true.
TwinGunsLLP 5:43 PM
Hmm, interesting discussion about what I've noticed in BFV conquest, A LOT of very close matches. No way they could have implemented this right? https://forums.battlefiel ... from-the-game#latest
TwinGunsLLP 8:47 AM
To me, the game just needs a ton more content. I don't get anything like the sandbox feeling of BF4 where there's just a ton of things to do.
TwinGunsLLP 8:46 AM
Oh nice!
Angry_Cuban13 12th Nov
They need to Nerf LMGs, they are stupid OP
Angry_Cuban13 12th Nov
Glad I only did the $15/mo thing and if I get bored I only lost $15
Angry_Cuban13 12th Nov
I enjoyed the Cathedral one and the Aerodrome as well.
TwinGunsLLP 11th Nov
The map with the burning cathedral/library is pretty cool, but the rest are a big fat meh.
TwinGunsLLP 11th Nov
Meh, think I'll come back to BF4 tomorrow. BFV is getting pretty boring really fast for me at least. I can't think of a single map I like lol. I'll try again once hardcore and maybe some more content shows up.
TwinGunsLLP 10th Nov
Hah great!
Angry_Cuban13 10th Nov
l'll send you an invite
Angry_Cuban13 10th Nov
Yeah I am, I'm waiting for Heca, dballls and Plot-C to download so we can all hop on together
TwinGunsLLP 10th Nov
Lemme know if you're playing tonight, maybe we can team up. I'll likely be online in about 45 to play
TwinGunsLLP 10th Nov
Angry_Cuban13 10th Nov
I think one CQ and another one GO
Angry_Cuban13 10th Nov
we will be getting at least 2 to begin with
TwinGunsLLP 10th Nov
And of course need great service like you and the mods here at Mig provide!
TwinGunsLLP 10th Nov
I'm not going to invest the time unless they come out with them honestly. I really get tired of playing with unknowns constantly all the time.
TwinGunsLLP 10th Nov
Man this will be SUCH a bummer if they don't have them.
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