So sick of travelling
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12th Feb 2016

In the past few months I have been from EU back to the US twice with a couple of inter US connections.

I have flown

American Airlines

United charged for backage despite being active duty, American has lost my bags x1, Delta's drop down screens didn't work. American offered no substantial food over a trans continental..... And then there is Lufthansa, puts all US flying experiences to shame. So, nice when I end up on a Lufthansa flight, unfortunately not happening this time. Can't really complain to much as I am not dropping the $$$, however, I do have to pay in other ways. 

Soap box over from a travel weary one.
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12th Feb 2016

damn man sounds like you need to hit the lounge for a shot whiskey!
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12th Feb 2016

When I was in Japan I learned that if you fly trans, you need to fly with any airline that isn't American. I flew from Tokyo to LAX with Singapore Airlines and it was hands down the best flying experience I've ever had. I was Economy Class and didn't feel like it at all.

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13th Feb 2016

in before someone remarks "first world problems".
the reason some of the airlines offer better deals is because they are heavily subsidized by their respective governments, singapore/emirates/luftansasolo? among others, unlike their US counterparts. not sure how various trade deals going on at the moment will affect future deals but i expect it to drive prices even further down.

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