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21st Jan 2016

I don't want to offend anyone that has put in work on the site, however, the design is quite bad.

I don't care for the logo but the transparent background is TERRIBLE. The forum should be functional and easy to read. CMW forum had a much more functional design.

I'm not sure if this was free or what you guys are using.

I'm glad the group is moving forward and wondering if it's OPEN or CLOSED group?
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21st Jan 2016

It was meant to be simple and was thrown together within a limited timeframe. Its a work in progress and Brian knows what hes doing.

The group is and will always be open to quality individuals that enhance the group as a whole. There is an upper tier of membership to those who show their dedication over time.. Like many of us already have.
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21st Jan 2016

Cool beans, I'm not trying to shit on the design but trying to offer some constructive criticism.

I'm a CS major. So, I may be of service. I have not helped much in CMW, since I have spend quite a bit of time on documentation and was never satisfied with the direction the leadership was going but I won't go into details.

I'm actually taking a Human Computer Interactions class and we are discussing bad web designs, this will serve as an example .

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21st Jan 2016

Yea, the logo is a work in progress. And it seems like everyone is in agreement about the background. So, this weekend I will work on making it a nice solid color.
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21st Jan 2016

Sounds good. I will test tomorrow and see if anything else could use improvement. I would suggest a section for web/forum suggestions, errors and etc so, the general suction doesn't get cluttered with those threads.
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22nd Jan 2016

So glad someone brought this up and your changing it...

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24th Jan 2016

I decreased the transparency to almost none. Better?
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24th Jan 2016

Much better.
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I saw the video, that's me everytime I fly
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in defence the of ruskies, this happened during military "war games", all they need to do is !f ?
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he's a man flasher!
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It's not the first time that dude has done that. He'll also find people who use mortars and switch to Support so he can constantly throw flashbangs at them so they can't use them.
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Nice, thank you sir!!
Angry_Cuban13 18th Sep
He has been taken care of
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Chilidog saw it too.
TwinGunsLLP 18th Sep
Definitely agree about the player report concerning "fckingsuch1". The guy was a total clown, tking and griefing in base. Lasted for several rounds as well, thanks.
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i had around 3 coins, sold them when they were around 42xx somehting
TwinGunsLLP 15th Sep
True true, a bit of a rally today. I mean none of us who got in "early" can complain though, it's still been a great investment. Unless you bought over $3500 you're not a bag holder. Time will tell, good luck all!
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 15th Sep
Should have sold coins a while ago. They had been talking about it for a while. And with N. Korea hacking specifically to steal bit coins, more fallout likely to come.
Bizzle239 15th Sep
@TwinGunsLLP, hurts don't it!??
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is ther an admin on rn?
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oh, wait..
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smoke all cubans!
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