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7th Sep 2016

As the seasons go...turn, turn, turn
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7th Sep 2016

Camo is wrong on the tank, you need mah official sexay Frostbite camo. ;P

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TwinGunsLLP 11:37 PM
Sure have a good night
LBCdirtyD 11:23 PM
thanks for letting me know
TwinGunsLLP 11:20 PM
Yeah 1080ti since the day it came out, great card.
LBCdirtyD 11:18 PM
Wow. That sucks so you just rocking single GPU then these days huh
TwinGunsLLP 11:15 PM
It's more a recent thing, the 10xx series seemed to want to kill it off.
LBCdirtyD 11:14 PM
Did they recently just start kiling off SLI i had no issues back in day when BF4 came out with my SLI 680FTWs it was mega diff in FPS then
TwinGunsLLP 11:14 PM
Yep. SLI is only good for benchmarking and putting up big numbers. For actual game play, the microstutter is terrible and I even have GSYNC monitor.
LBCdirtyD 11:13 PM
If the performancce was major good keep it in SLI now doubt I will even do that just keep the FE in there I dont use it all the time anyway.
TwinGunsLLP 11:13 PM
Ahh, yeah I wouldn't bother. Believe I love the idea of multiple GPUs, but it just doesn't work well.
LBCdirtyD 11:12 PM
My driving sim has 1080Ti Founders Edition in mid size case I hate how much heat it pumps out and was gonna sell it get the new FTW3 and use in SLI till sold the FE one.
LBCdirtyD 11:11 PM
Dang that is sad to hear actually. I was going to pick up another 1080Ti FTW and sell my 1080Ti from my Driving sim PC I hate how much heat it dumps and SLI for minute till I sold it.
TwinGunsLLP 11:11 PM
I think Doom is another game where only one card is working.
TwinGunsLLP 11:10 PM
Also keep in mind, sli doesn't work in all games (Just Cause 3 for example). So on a lot of games, only one card will be working anyway.
TwinGunsLLP 11:10 PM
It's been getting progressively worse with each new generation of cards, I was really bummed out with how bad it was with the 10xx series.
LBCdirtyD 11:08 PM
I had no idea damn that sucks actually
LBCdirtyD 11:08 PM
oh wow when did they kill it off recently?
TwinGunsLLP 11:02 PM
The micro stutter is very obvious, even with the HB bridge. Sli is essentially dead, I recommend one card and one card only unless things change dramatically.
TwinGunsLLP 11:01 PM
No sir! Do NOT sli that 1080ti, it's a complete waste of money and the stuttering is trash. Believe me on that, don't waste your time/money on 1080ti sli!
LBCdirtyD 10:57 PM
Twins since new cards are waste sounds like. Is SLI still worth doing? Last time I did was 680FTW and currently have 1080Ti FTW3 and thinking SLI? I know you always SLI
TwinGunsLLP 2:14 PM
I wanted to spend the money as I love the newest stuff and I haven't upgraded in forever (for me at least), but this is just waste of money. Nothing more.
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