[OFFICIAL] Show Off Your Battery Life!
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30th May 2016

 on your tablet, phone or laptop, POST IT! 

This is my moto E second gen's almost 3day battery life 

4hr screen time on this one 

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7th Jun 2016

I have a GS6 running xstrestolite marshmallow. I usually get between 4.5-6 hours of screen on time with an average cycle of 18-26 hours depending on how hard I beat on it. Love this phone to death. Too bad Samsung locked the bootloaders on the S7. Was really looking forward to go back to Cyanogenmod.
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TwinGunsLLP 14th Jul
Thanks Chrome
ChromeMagnum 13th Jul
to inflate the pool raft and rings. Good force of air.
ChromeMagnum 13th Jul
Best be careful when using a high volume air mover to blow out the dust in your PC. i.e. your leaf blower.. I can and wWILL destroy the bearing in your cooling fans, video car fans. I hold the fan stationary with one hand, while I use the small electric portable blower the I also use.....
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