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8th Feb

I've been gaming online since about 1999. I've been part of many clans/teams/squads over the years. This is the first one, that I can truly remember, to where there really aren't any perks for being part of this squad. What I mean by that is this; All MiG members should NOT have to wait in que when joining a server. Or at least make it for one of their choice. Want to not wait, pay. Not a member and don't want to wait? Pay. Another thing is this; there simply aren't enough Admins. We have a wide range of players that play all times of the day/night. I'm not saying every Admin should have the same powers, but we need more low-level Admins so that bad players can be, at the very least, kicked. I'd suggest low-level Admins have the right to ban players for 24 hours. If a player needs banned longer, then it goes up to the next Admin levels. 

This is an observation I made pretty quick after joining MiG. It's just frustrating sometimes when it appears that non-members can actually have better perks than members. Now, I understand that could still happen, but there should be a minimum perk level for members and there simply isn't one. 

Love the squad and it's members and I'm glad to be here. Just my 2 cents on what I see as a "newer" member and as a veteran online gamer.

- SL-5689
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9th Feb

Actually our members enjoy plenty of free perks. Some examples include free knife messages as long as your platoon tag is "MIg", they also include autobalance protection and kick protection to make space for other VIP as long as they are on TS. Now, does this always work? No, because software sometimes doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

If we were to give VIP access to anyone who is part of our platoon or community then we wouldn't get donors. There's plenty of people who don't come on TS to socialize yet wear our tags. Members however, can earn VIP access for free if they help seed the servers. I don't think people should expect hand outs just for being part of the community. They should do things for the community to earn different privileges.

We are an open community and we plan to remain so. This means people can come and go as they please. We are not an exclusive clan or platoon. If we were, then I'd totally understand your point if only selected individuals were part of us.
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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9th Feb

Pretty correct, the stuff we run for BF4 off dedicated servers costs monies is part of it. But the rest, is if we just gave people perks then they come around long enough to get perks and then that's it. We tried it with server perks on 2 and 4 once, free VIP for a month if regged to be a member and posted, that's all people did then never came back.

Plus, this isn't a credit card rewards program. I thought the point of a gaming community was to play games with people who had like interests in games.... Have fun, bs. Possibly go competative and squad up on rivals servers and destroy. Explore new games together. Maintain servers with standards that we agree on as gamers.

I guess that's crazy talk.
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9th Feb

Also, as far as those who pay get better perks.... majority are level 3 or below. Those who help seed servers can get level 4 equiv...... So, there are options for people to take advantage of.... usually don't because it requires effort.
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9th Feb

I pay $5 a month for instant access any time to the server I like. It's not much and since I spend about 90% of my Computer time on BF4 it is worth it. You can join any club/clan/whatever you want, but if you don't put anything in to the pot then don't expect a full chicken dinner.

I do agree that there need s to be a bit more access to admins for instant action and higher up problems.

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10th Feb

In regards to the whole admin thing, we have plenty of admins right now but we all work, have lives, etc. The only time admins are probably not available is during super late hours of the night and earthy hours of the morning.

We have a lot of options available to contact admins. TeamSpeak if they're on three, PM via website, Discord, and some admins give out their own personal email or phone number.

Access wise, admins have all the necessary tools to get rid of problematic players. The necessary people have advanced access to things like Procon. Not every admin needs to be on Procon that's why access is so limited.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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12th Feb

Admins in the super late hours have always been an issue for us. We try to find some people, they don't typically tend to stick around because not many others are on at that hour. But, we run a lot of auto-admin stuff to try and protect against hackers and trolls as a stop-gap.
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