Mod's view on destroying friendly equipment BF4
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9th Jun 2018

I was playing on BF4 #10 Rush Flood Zone  last night, full server.  A player(will remain nameless for now) was complaining and belly aching about players choices of weapons on both sides. I started with a MAV, noticed a team mate was doing the same. Played till I died, re-spawned with mortar, fired the first set of rounds and then I lose the mortar. Figured another MAV got it, nope a player on my team shot it and the shoots me, but I didn't die. Guy goes on bitching in chat about players w/ mortars, frag rounds. flir etc etc.. 

I rarely go a forums to complain. But I think the que to get in the server was like 10 players deep. So it kind sucks to wait to get in, and you have to deal with a player like this when you get in. I left after the round, came back an hour or so later. Guy was still there, but wasnt complaining. Had a great round on Metro CTF.  Im not a points player, I like supporting my team. Hidding an RHIB for a spawn point, droping snipers off on roofs, love using the MAV, especially on enemy explosives and killing other MAVS. Wrenching for attack boats. Love coming in 2nd with no kills.

I love your guys servers, full servers most of the time not heavly admin'd, good players etc. Players like this ruin the experience.

Thanks for your time
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9th Jun 2018

You can at least make post his name in this forum: ... ard/299053 with details. If you didn't save a video, all we can do now is look into it and see if anyone has reported him before/there have been any other issues. It makes known so we can watch out for his name.

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10th Jun 2018

No need to keep him nameless, that sort of behavior is not allowed on our servers and we've banned players for being griefers before.

That behavior falls under griefing/trolling which is one of the social rules we have on the server. Like Prop said, report him by posting a report on the forums, using Discord or using the in-game !report function.

The syntax to report in-game is "!report Angry_Cuban13 troll".

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