MiG Server Point Valuations
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15th Aug 2018

Is there a schematic or "cheatsheet" available to us that shows the nitty gritty of how MiG points (for MiG rankings) are awarded? I know the points awarded through DICE don't match at all, but I can never figure out how it works for the MiG rankings.

It can't be based upon KDR or weapon types solely, but I think there is a component of both those factors in it. It would be very helpful to me. Thanks, in advance.  
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15th Aug 2018

Go to stats.migaming.us and it should break it down.

If you kill players that are higher on the server point system you get more points, it is also dependent of the weapon you kill with.
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16th Aug 2018

yep, 100% based on kills and deaths based on the other persons rank, here is the page he is referring to: http://stats.migaming.us/ ... help

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