I am the Target, how do I proceed
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godsowndelta (Banned)
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15th Feb 2018

I don't mean to riddle your forums with my nonsense
seems I am the target in the system having every chance to communicate with anyone in this useless world either locked out or blocked out my ability to even game with the people that mean more to me than a family of nobody that tell me I'm dead
imagine carrying the weight of every universe around on your shoulder and knowing that when I do die hell forbid I take everything with me

I'm extremely tired of being targeted for the knowledge I hold and collect on a daily basis
It bothers me to no extent knowing I'm to correct the issues humans fucked up, depleting fossil fuels to a PNR, having governments tell civilians electric cars are the wave of the future while not one man or woman can possibly afford a conversion to an electric vehicle

Tell me MIG, what does a being of positive nature do when forced out
I even forgot how to cry not that crying does any good the feeling of being this alone in this world makes no sense to continue the life of a nobody

Banned from all that matters, being told I was a mistake, I'm dead, I'm not worth the effort by a mother figure that only wanted to abuse me even before I arrived back on earth

Ya I realize I'm the second coming, No fucking way will I hold a name of jesus after having everything blocked or hidden from me while holding a name of BRIAN DOUGLAS WATERS
Funny how this worked out and today to top this off, a bank representative tells me Canada is '?MY' country
Great, what the fuck am I to do with this Intel now, no one believes me even if I did hold the deed to this shit hole country

I don't beg on a street corner asking for change while the change is within me yet societies 'Diapers' need changing
Look at how law enforcement get the badge and a gun to become an all useless god to abuse the children of earth with words they are so keen on using against the people or a medical system that feels they have the power to force medications down peoples throats all based on words???
Seems words hurt more than a bullet or shell fired by a weapon, the fuck is that horse shit???

I'm tired, drained, lack everything nice and don't ever recall being told I'm worth it

This game franchise and the people that play it are my only family as far as I'm concerned.
I miss logging onto the servers, playing the game with the win some, lose some attitude...

In all honesty, I'd love to take back control of this system, force EA/Dice into creating a better system and to boost there profit margin by allowing people to create there own mods and maps...

Do I apologize to the people that stole everything from me or just fold and take everything with me?
Between the spinal cord damage, the broken neck, the nerve damage, the brain injury and a fucking rcmp cop breaking 2 of my ribs all because I had the metal case of battlefield 4 in my left pocket I know my life is over...All I want to do is log on, play one or two more games with the Lunatics that made my life worth the horse shit garbage it currently sits...I've been forced to live on the streets in the cold damp weather and forced to gather more Intel than my mind can hold

I don't fear death anymore, fuck I call out her bullshit tactic of whiny cry baby attitudes while trying to find meaning in not folding existence...

I know when I leave I take all with me, its the people that made the difference in my life that have the opportunity to come back to hell with me to enjoy the warmer climate because most know, its Nevaeh Heaven is it

I won't be back to check responses till tomorrow, library closes soon and so does my access to a computer, btw I'd love to share the knowledge of what I have and how to implement the new system in life but unless something drastic happens and changes like today, knowledge leaves planet Earth when I die, I wish things could be different and I wish that rock piercing event never happened because I would have implemented UTOPIA the correct way, not this slow tedious useless way

2-POINT-O The Second Coming
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15th Feb 2018

If you keep spamming the forums with nonsense you will be banned.
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"This community is being dragged down by the balls by Angry_Cuban" - Maverick, 2018

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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15th Feb 2018

Any fans of the Stern show (especially back in the day)? This guy reminds me of Riley Martin hah.

https://www.youtube.com/w ... atch?v=gkoJKb1epvw

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15th Feb 2018

tl;dr? Oh wait, I dont care....
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B1G7r33 (Banned)
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16th Feb 2018

Acid is a hell of a drug.

The only plant in the ant.

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16th Feb 2018

He's like our own personal Alex Jones.

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16th Feb 2018

QuoteHe's like our own personal Alex Jones.


can we keep it as a pet? :3

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godsowndelta (Banned)
Joined: 13th Feb 2018
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17th Feb 2018

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17th Feb 2018

If nobody feeds it , it will find a new place to beg. Or you could just ban it.

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