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13th Nov 2017

Hey all.  This a question more directed towards the Admin side of our group but I believe it does involve everybody.  

I was a monthly donor for quite some time.  It was nice to be able to avoid the que in my favorite server and well worth the measly 5 bucks a month.  Well, after the donation structure change up we had a few months back I let my donation to Mig drop .  I wasn't playing a game with a que and so my benefit for donating went away.  Lately I've been thinking since I do spend a lot of time on the Mig TeamSpeak and could waste a few extra bucks in less dubious ways, go back to donating.  The only problem I have is the fact that I don't know where the donations go to.  There has never been a spreadsheet of the costs of the whole site, the amount of monthly donations or what and where any leftover moneys go to.

I don't mind helping the cause and paying for a bit of the services that I use but there is nothing to tell me that the whole site overhead is totally paid for by a percentage of current donations and the rest is just going into someones personal bank account.  I don't mean to say that every persons donation amount should be listed like some sort of dick measuring contest, but there should be some sort of way to show the contributing members incoming revenue and outgoing payments.

I am by no means trying to pick fights with anyone.  I just want to know where the money will be going to if I choose to be a donating member.

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13th Nov 2017

It goes towards having a Teamspeak license, a domain name, BF4 Servers, third parties anti-cheat software, the seeding script wasn't free. I'm missing a few things that Brian could probably explain more but that's the gist of it, in my opinion.
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13th Nov 2017

Some clarification after the recent confusion would be nice as well since some of us were directly told some stuff and there's never really been an explanation or clear up since.

The above was intentionally left vague because I'm not trying to stir the pot or finger point or anything here. I've been considering donating for server 1 despite the use of Paypal but backed off on that idea after the recent confusion with donations.

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13th Nov 2017

QuoteIt goes towards having a Teamspeak license, a domain name, BF4 Servers, third parties anti-cheat software, the seeding script wasn't free. I'm missing a few things that Brian could probably explain more but that's the gist of it, in my opinion.

...That's a couple of sentences strung together to sound good with no factual data in them.

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13th Nov 2017

I am going to get an updated answer for you guys. Last I checked (when we had all our BF4 servers mind you) it was over $1000 a month after its said and done. Brian is sleeping guys.

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14th Nov 2017

There are a lot of associated costs with running a gaming community, especially one thats as old and successful ours. And it is that age that should speak for itself.

Donations aren't just meant to meet recurrent costs but to assure this communities long term survival. Like Cuban stated above there are  BF4 Servers to pay for, anti-cheat software, seeding scripts, yearly website licensing/hosting to pay for. If there are purchases made those purchases are always tied into the communities needs

The money is also there so that we can fire up any type of gaming server we so choose at a drop of a hat without worrying about having enough funds to do so.

Everything you see before you has had many hours of sweat and dedication poured into it. None of this was, or is currently free. Any asshole with his mothers credit card can fire up a BF4 server and play on it with a couple of buddies no problem. But good luck getting a dedicated population to play on it with you. That requires months and months of seeding, seeding that is hard to motivate people to do.

We have dedicated machines with seeder accounts that help us with that where people do not.

As far as donations being used to line someones bank account, the individuals who are now in charge of that do not need the money. They are well off, trustworthy founding members of this community.

If you can trust anything, trust this communities long term track record. Many communities have attempted to put together and maintain what we have here, they are now barren waste lands with no activity and no membership.

We have some exciting plans for the future concerning upcoming games and communications infrastructure, we hope you're around for that.

Many of you know me and where I stand when it comes to donations trust, the people associated with that trust, morals, and the long term maintenance of this community.

I back Brian 100%, the shit he deals with behind the scene, you could only imagine. Having to deal with the politics, the logistics and the associated headaches that come along with that is enough to stress anyone out. But thankfully hes still here and believes in all of this.

BOTTOM LINE, all of this is VOLUNTARY, nobody gets paid to maintain and fix problems associated with the communities infrastructure. When something crashes or breaks someone has to get their ass out of bed to repair it so people can continue to play on our servers and use our Team Speak. There's coding involved, troubleshooting and a fuck ton of frustration so before you CRITICIZE be sure to do your homework.

This community has had its share of individuals who thought they knew what it took to start and maintain their own community at this level, they stole knowledge, personnel and manipulated donors in order to get it done. They no longer have a community and the players that trusted them are now back with us.  

You don't have to donate, you don't have to be here but you cannot expect for all of this to be around for your entertainment without some level of contribution. Like I said, this isn't free and thankfully those who do enjoy playing here believe in us enough to support us and you so that we can be around for many more years to come.  

Remember people, this is supposed to be an ENJOYABLE HOBBY.

A place to hang out and play video game with FRIENDS.

We hope we'll have your continued and very much APPRECIATED SUPPORT!  

Please note, when i say "you" I am not talking to any one person, Im resonating this message to everyone.

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TwinGunsLLP 11:54 AM
2080ti should be $800 tops, not a penny more.
TwinGunsLLP 11:53 AM
It's a gigantic miss for me, looking at these benchmarks the only noticeable improvement I see anywhere is in 4k and we don't even monitors good enough yet really. Ray Tracing is a bust, whose going to go back to 60fps max at 1080p for that?
Angry_Cuban13 11:44 AM
Yet some people are eating that shit right up
TwinGunsLLP 9:02 AM
Reviews showing the 2080 is also slower than the 1080ti in some instances. So less performance, features that don't even exist yet, and $200 more than a new 1080ti? Sign me up!
TwinGunsLLP 8:57 AM
Since I'm still at 1440p very happy with the decision to wait.
TwinGunsLLP 8:56 AM
So RTX 2080 ti benchmarks are coming in, it looks like a great card for 4K but not much of an improvement at all over the 1080ti at 1440 and 1080. Looks like I made a good decision to cancel preorder until 4K monitors become better.
TwinGunsLLP 17th Sep
Yep G-Sync is fantastic, enjoy! I just wish they'd bring back 3D vision as well but I guess that tech is dead.
Floof 17th Sep
going from 60hz 4k to 144hz 2k is aaaaaammmaaazzziiing­
Floof 17th Sep
and gsync!
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
Oh nice monitor, 1440p and high refresh ftw!
Angry_Cuban13 16th Sep
He got the Xb271hu
Angry_Cuban13 16th Sep
Almost like Ray Tracing isn't so hot
Angry_Cuban13 16th Sep
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
It's looking the 2080 might only be 5% or so faster than 1080ti, no wonder they aren't selling em.
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
So the 2080ti release date has been kicked back to the 27th, while the 2080 is still dropping on the 20th. It's easy to still find preorder slots for the 2080, hmmm. More shennanigans by Nvidia?
TwinGunsLLP 16th Sep
Hey that's great Cuban, which one did he get?
Snarfsnarfff 15th Sep
lol i didnt see that about the reviews. I agree tho 27" seems small for 4k 32" is like the smallest id go 4k. good too see they cracked the 60hz wall for 4k tho.
Angry_Cuban13 15th Sep
Twin, HowDoIShot just got his new Predator!
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