Blue Angels flying over my house
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28th Sep 2017

Thought some of you would enjoy this. There is a big airshow in Huntington Beach CA this weekend and my house happens to be on the track for the high speed runs and some of the group set ups. The F35 demo team practiced for about 20 minutes yesterday. The Blue Angles spent nearly 2 hours in the air this afternoon. And the show doesn't officially start until tomorrow

I stood on a chair in my backyard the whole time. Trying to get this video I nearly fell off

I'm going to ride my bike down to the show tomorrow, and my wife and I have VIP tickets for Sunday. Gonna be fun.
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29th Sep 2017

That's so cool dude!

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29th Sep 2017

yeh, nuts.

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29th Sep 2017

Yeah, that's awesome. I live in St. Louis, the BAs come around once every couple years to perform at an airshow hosted at the Spirit of St. Louis airport. They fly right over my house all day for a couple days practicing, it's amazing how low they fly. No need to go to the show because I can see a lot from my house!

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29th Sep 2017 ... vents/

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29th Sep 2017

Agentx, Man you live in a great spot. Jealous. I was stationed at Naval Station Long Beach for 1yr  back in the day when it was open. Loved the area. We went to Huntington Beach all the time.  Good vid too.
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4th Oct 2017

I am stil recovering from the weekend, bu thought I would share some more.
I biked down to the show Friday, but the show was cancelled due to the heavy marine layer/fog. The put the Viper demo team up (F-16 and F-35), but while you could hear them you could not see a thing.
Saturday my wife and I climber up on our second story roof and watched from there. Sunday we had VIP tickets and were show central. The vids below show the different perspective . The Army Black Daggers dropped in feet from us on both the opening ceremonies as well as their tactical jump in the afternoon. Once the Black Daggers did their tactical jump the jump area was opened to us and we watched the Blue Angels from show center at the water line. Great stuff.

No one knelt during this national anthem.

Tactical Jump

Saturday show entry from my roof (sorry for the shaky vid. I was standing on my second story roof, straddling the peak, in a decent breeze, trying to record fighter planes )

Saturday show entry from the beach

Opposing from roof

Opposing from beach

Heritage fly over (P51, F16, F35)

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