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22nd Jan 2016

To continue with the brief mention in the chatbox earlier, imo I believe it would be better to have the new platoon than rename the other two as that would go with the whole "cleaning up the community" thread on the old site. Renaming them is easier, but it's kinda like making one step forward then 5 steps backwards in time to me anyway.

Discuss away though, I just thought this would be better suited for a discussion than chatbox. 

I need to catch some goddamn Zs, its 3am lol.
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22nd Jan 2016

We decided not to delete the CMW forums as well as the platoons. Because we want people to know where we are coming from if there are new players joining MIg

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ ... stupidkoala

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Chat Box
jeffambo 1:31 AM
can you just try it for 1 day?
jeffambo 1:28 AM
burdel is a polish HC rush server thats 60hz and even though i get 160 ping it still feels better than any non-60hz server i play in
jeffambo 1:26 AM
can you try 60hz one more time? Everyone I play with had never had a problem, they have worked out a lot of kinks since they introduced it
lordteapot 3:39 PM
1234 i declare a meme war
elcorbu 18th Feb
nice cuban
JL 18th Feb
dballs 18th Feb
its definitely not easy!!!
Angry_Cuban13 18th Feb
I wanted to break 100
dballs 18th Feb
such hacks
Angry_Cuban13 18th Feb
Corbu, look at the round you missed when you left: http://battlelog.battlefi ... 022012160/225941700/
Angry_Cuban13 18th Feb
60 hZ has been tried multiple times and most recently a year ago. EVERYONE complained of lag and general shitty gameplay
jeffambo 18th Feb
how much more does it cost to run the server at 60hz vs 40hz, ill donate if you guys can turn it up, do you take credit cards, how do i donate?
jeffambo 18th Feb
you dont get shot behind corners and it just feels so much more 'true'
jeffambo 18th Feb
it makes the game soooo much better and they have worked out all the problems it used to cause
jeffambo 18th Feb
Can you guys please pretty pleaseee turn server 10 up to 60hz?
JL 17th Feb
64/64, perfect
Angry_Cuban13 17th Feb
Server 1 is back online.
JL 17th Feb
something going on with the server?
Angry_Cuban13 17th Feb
We don't have game rotation, it's vote based and Locker and Metro played today
Platypusman10 17th Feb
just curious how do you choose game rotation, i see metro and locker are out?
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