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18th Sep 2016

Hey guys, I am new to the website, but certainly not new to the battlefield hardline migaming server. It was the only consistantly active server at any time of the day or night, and had a regular following of players that played almost daily.

Recently however, the maps were updated and one of the expansions that was not given away for free was included in the rotation. Since this happened, the server has been unpopulated, and no replacement server has been found.

I am writing all this to ask what to do about getting the map rotation restored to its previous glory?

Thanks for any help in this regard.
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18th Sep 2016
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-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
send you a pm thx
Angry_Cuban13 17th Jul
Hey Pro, send me a PM with the receipt for your level 3 donation since you won't get a form this time
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
Level 3 paid for FcTermial,medfly101.ProStock Thx
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
Level 3 paid for FcTermial,medfly101.ProStock Thx
TwinGunsLLP 14th Jul
Thanks Chrome
ChromeMagnum 13th Jul
to inflate the pool raft and rings. Good force of air.
ChromeMagnum 13th Jul
Best be careful when using a high volume air mover to blow out the dust in your PC. i.e. your leaf blower.. I can and wWILL destroy the bearing in your cooling fans, video car fans. I hold the fan stationary with one hand, while I use the small electric portable blower the I also use.....
Angry_Cuban13 12th Jul
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