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20th Feb 2016

I've been playing on these servers for several weeks now and figured I should stop in and say hi!  I live in Orange County and work for a large food company in sales.  I've been gaming for 20 years so I'm obviously a gamer for life.. For some of you kids that's back when we had to connect on a 56k modem!  Online games I've played over the years are:

Warcraft II
Duke Nukem 3d
Quake II
Warcraft III
Quake III
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield Vietnam
Day of Defeat
Battlefield 2
Counterstrike Source
Battlefield 3
World of Warcraft
Battlefield 4

Gaming has given me a lot of joy over the years and even gave me a beautiful wife!I  Her first online gaming meeting with me was with an immature, 'i'm a pro, you're a newb', stuck up kid.  Lucky for me when she first met me at a lan party she didn't know who I was online

Looking forward to getting to know more of you in game and on here!  I frequent #5 and sometimes #1.
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21st Feb 2016

Welcome in the MIg forums. I hope to see you one day maybe on server 10

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ http://www.twitch.tv/cmw_ ... stupidkoala

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26th Feb 2016

What kind of game is that in 10?
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26th Feb 2016

Mix DLC Hardcore

"This community is being dragged down by the balls by Angry_Cuban" - Maverick, 2018

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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26th Feb 2016

server 2 h/c rush is where it's at :P

̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ M ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐i ͐ͩ͋̂G ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐
̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂S ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐UP ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿eR-̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐HA͓͉̝̳̦̘̮̖̬ͧ̓̒̔ͮN͔͎̝͉̥ͩͫ̏s

Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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KiLLa_HerbZz 19th Jun
no your right honestly i wasnt really thinking that one through but i do appreciate you unbanning it wont happen again this time loll srry and thx
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jun
Thanks, will need it! Who the hell knows what this crap will do. ;P
Angry_Cuban13 18th Jun
Good luck!
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jun
75/150 sell targets
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jun
Jumped back into crypto last week on the big drop. Bought mostly LTC @ $90. Wish me luck!!
AngryMilks 18th Jun
This chat box always makes me giggle
Angry_Cuban13 18th Jun
Considering you've been playing in our servers for a very long time, I find it hilarious that you are acting surprised that fag and cunt are punished by the language enforcer. Considering plenty of people have gotten punished for using those words in the server.
Angry_Cuban13 18th Jun
I'll modify your ban from 14 days to 1 day as you didn't circumvent the language enforcer this time.
KiLLa_HerbZz 17th Jun
you can say whore bitch all that stuff but if you say cunt you get banned??? come opn
KiLLa_HerbZz 17th Jun
ok.. so i believe ive been banned again but this time i really didnt think id get banned for can you telll me the words i cant say
Angry_Cuban13 15th Jun
Good luck weird guy I always killed!
TwinGunsLLP 15th Jun
Be nice, he's off fulfilling his destiny now. Wish him luck.
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 15th Jun
for realz... What the fuck. Why you wasting our brain cells to read that.
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