What is my life?
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18th Jan 2016

In all seriousness though... glad to see the community reborn into hopefully a tighter nit one.

I don't usually voice chat since the wife takes offense to me talking to internets peoples, when I could be busy talking to her. That, and kids (2,9,12,13) in bed by 7:45-9:00 so not much wiggle room for talking sadly.

Regardless, you guys have my loyalty and as sad as it is nearly 10 entire days of play time on #1 CQ server.

You might catch me fucking about while playing BF4:

MBT-Anti Aircraft
Mare's Leg 40x sniping (300m+)
12ga Slug Sniping (200m+)
Regular Sniping (1000m+)

Overall just playing the game to make things fun, make jaws drop (at least it plays out in my mind), and give Krustbox grief...
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"The quieter you are, the more you are able to hear" ― Ram Dass

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18th Jan 2016

Welcome in the Murder Inc. forums. you can still join us in teamspeak and listen to our craziness. see you on the field and in Team speak sir.

do you play any games other than bf4?

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ http://www.twitch.tv/stup ... idk0ala

Joined: 18th Jan 2016
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19th Jan 2016

Still rocking old doom (Uses Zandronum for multiplayer), Wolfenstein ET, and occasionally dust off the NES for Mega Man, and Castlevania.

I have a pretty intense work schedule during normal business hours, and have a big family so not too much time for playing much else that I can't just drop at a moments notice.

I suppose I should be a little more "tell all" about myself since this is a introduction.

I'm a father of four beautiful kids, and husband of an amazing wife for nearly 6 years. I've spent the last couple years just finishing up college AAS in Cybersecurity, Forensics, and Virtualization.

Less recently I left the U.S Army after serving 6 years as a Airborne Combat Medic with the 82nd Airborne Division (1BCT 2/504th PIR), have been deployed to Iraq mid 2009 (Ramadi, and Falujah). I left the military in 2013, and to be honest have been trying to figure my life out as I go.

Present day I am employed as a Internal Penetration Tester for a company that will remain nameless (privacy concerns). My responsibilities are in laymen's terms a hacker for hire. I blast away at the company's assets, websites, servers, and databases with the mindset of a viking, but the stealth and cunning of Bill Cosby (You can't tell me the fucking Cosby sweater wasn't at all disarming to people).

Besides all that I do a lot of malware reverse engineering, sifting through logs in SIEM, and practicing chemistry as a hobby. I know this all sounds weird as shit, and could quite well be all talk in the eyes of most people.

As I mentioned before @CMW I'm here to help where I can. I have tons of assets, bandwidth, software, and processing power to spare at my workstation if there is ever a need for it.

If your still reading this, then cookie for you (Just need an address to ship to).

"The quieter you are, the more you are able to hear" ― Ram Dass

Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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