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27th Jan 2017

Hey all, thanks for the add. I'm an older guy (47) than some on here I imagine, I live in Charlotte NC and am a US Army vet. I started playing BF back in the beginning with some guys I served with and just sort of stayed. I have played MIG servers pretty exclusively due to the professionalism and adherence to the rules. Glad to be here!

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Obocecha (Banned)
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27th Jan 2017

Welcome! You're not the old guy by any means, we have players of all ages. See you on the battlefield.
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27th Jan 2017

Ha, Sprocket got you beat. He's 66!

We have a few Army Vets as well as some active duty folks. I'm a Navy veteran myself, and yes I've seen a lot of dicks.
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funkadelik 15th Apr
What happened to the teamspeak? Is everyone using Discord these days?
Angry_Cuban13 15th Apr
Sh!v3r, we have a HC server but since we came a little late into the BF1 game we haven't had much luck with it
Sh!v3r_MethGOD 15th Apr
who runs migaming and is dyn00mite retired?
Sh!v3r_MethGOD 15th Apr
Does migaming having any battlefield 1 servers
godsowndelta 15th Apr
i cant find my family
Angry_Cuban13 14th Apr
Great. DSL level ping
JL 14th Apr
ORG platoon has 9 members on server 1 lol
JL 14th Apr
BR invasion
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TwinGuns, you should consider temporarily joining Discord to participate in some of the voting we'll be having. You can disable notifications unless they mention you directly.
Da-Jesuss 13th Apr
need good monitoring software for CPU and GPU
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Try now.
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I was trying to apply to be a seeder and i get the access denied. what am i doing wrong?
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