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OpSec (Banned)
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18th Aug

Hi guys! OpSec here. Stands for Operational Security(My day job). The name sounded decent and I switch gamertags every 10 years or so.
Anyway, I would love to be a member of MIG. I have been in many different communities over the years, heck if I went down the list it would go as followed in order: Digital Xtreme, PWNT, Hellzone(That was a sore), Remnant Empire, Prime Gaming, XtG, and SIK. Probably more floating around that I cant remember. During that time, I have admin'd, admin'd the admins, ran recruting, Division Leader, Server Head, Server Coder, Graphics Coordinator, Gaming Community Owner, and once again the list goes on. I have done it all. Nothing suprises me, nothing gets to me.

The reason I am posting is that over the years(Mainly when I was younger) I was a bit of a game hacker, and you have a strict policy on hacking which as all of those titles above that I had, I understand this all too well. When I went to apply for MIG I noticed that by clicking the "I have cheated" box and hitting submit, it would subject me to a MIG blacklist / Ban. I do not want that as I love the community and I really enjoy playing BF4, Pubg, and other games with everyone. This has what has kept me from applying for fear of losing what I enjoy.

So I would like to know if someone shows no secrets, and says that he does not hack anymore, could I slide into a joining loophole so I can be a part of this community?

I have 2 accounts. I hacked CS:GO on my second account and got VAC banned which on it states I have not been banned after that for 372 days. My main account which ive had for years I hacked the original dayz(When I was years younger) which was from Arma 2 That landed me a battleye global forcing me to buy new arma related games years later on a second account.

I botted on Diablo 3 as well.

Apart from that the only other game or games that come to mind is Grand Theft Auto money lobbies. (Which I don't do anymore. Got tired of seeing everyone else do it and ruin the game so I stopped)

The fact is that I am almost 30 years old and I see hacking or cheating as a cheap method to achieve results which feel better earned then using a shortcut.

I do not do these things anymore and haven't since well before coming to this community, so as my question above states and I reiderate: Can I join MiG?

Further Proof: (I am not quite sure where to show a battleye ban so I apologize for that)

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18th Aug

We will have to discuss this among admins and decide if you would be a good fit for our community. As it stands right now, we do not allow past or current cheaters.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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19th Aug

Yea, and as soon as you get pwned a few times legit yer gonna get that itch to hack. By yer own words you have been a life long hacker. You buy multiple accounts one to play legit and one to cheat with. There is no reason for me not to believe that you have an extra BF of PUBG account in case someone pisses you off by being better than you playing by the rules.

It's not like you just dabbled in hacking. CS, dayz, Diablo 3 and GTA. Quite a list pal. Are there any games you have not cheated on?

I am by no means Admin but I say no for now. Feel free to play with us and enjoy a great group of people that play at MIG without cheating for a good 6 months to a year. After that if you have not been caught Dickin' off with the cheats then a discussion should be had.

Just my humble opinion though. I don't make the decisions. But I'm probably nicer than Cuban. He's angry. Always angry.

OpSec (Banned)
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19th Aug

Derlict, while I understand you have probably had frustration in the past regarding cheaters the majority of hacking games was done when I was much younger. The only recent hacking I did was 375 days ago on CS:GO. After that I stopped. Your talking as if hacking is like snorting coke or shooting up meth. I have done those things as well when I was younger and trust me, I know the difference. 4 games doesn't seem like much of a list to me but I digress. In regards to your BF or PUBG wording, Feel free to investigate the shit out of me on BF4. I get killed all the time and I dish out kills too. Fun all the same. Pubg, well I just got it and in my opinion even current hackers wouldn't find too much reason to do stuff on it. It would take away from the fun of the squad.

BTW " There is no reason for me not to believe that you have an extra BF of PUBG account in case someone pisses you off by being better than you playing by the rules." The way you worded it makes it sound like I am a bad person. I could have been one of those guys that would make an account just to apply for the community but no I didn't. I opened my door for you guys. I showed you my dirty laundry without hesitation. Now its up to the admins to make an informed decision. I do respect where your trying to go with your reply and understand why your feeling the way you feel. So for that Derlict, I do commend you.

Anyways I don't need to make excuse after excuse for myself. I know the type of person I am and know that I do love this community. Any decision made by the admins is ok with me.

Oh and if Cuban wants to lay it on me go right ahead. Like I said, Nothing to hide, and my skin is ultra thick.

Thanks again!
OpSec / Justin
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20th Aug

An incident a decade ago I get to some extent, but cheating as recently as a year ago and admitting to it in several more recent games says to me you're not trustworthy. Just because you're choosing to disclose some of what you've done doesn't even mean you're being up front about all of it. You're not someone I have any interest playing with. My two cents.

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20th Aug

We appreciate your honesty and letting us know of your past history, however, our guidelines are very clear. No past or current cheaters. This was discussed by the admins and our Admin Lead and it was decided that you would not be a good fit for our community because of your history, we cannot ensure that you will not use cheats again. Our community members have also made their feelings known about your history, and we are all a community and we take everyone's feedback into consideration when making decisions. You didn't just cheat in one game, it was multiple games and there is a pattern here.

We have also banned you from our BF4 server, but you are welcome to join Teamspeak and play any other games you want to play with other community members. This topic will be locked to avoid any further discussion.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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