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10th Apr

Hey there,

Been playing on your servers for the last year or two as I have some time to actually play. Always enjoyed the environment and figured it was time for me to introduce myself and get involved some when I saw the "Volunteers needed" on the server name this morning. Let me know what if you guys need any help.

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10th Apr


Our servers automatically change to that title once our server population falls under a certain number, I believe is below 20 players?

Anyways, the server will automatically change names once a certain server population is met I believe is anything above 20.

If you are interested on helping us, and you leave your computer on during the day you can become a seeder and enjoy some free perks such as VIP (no waiting in queue) and I believe if you seed long enough we can also apply "punish protection" as well.

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10th Apr

Oh, awesome. Thanks for the info!

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TwinGunsLLP 8:40 PM
Shocked if that shitty BFV is to blame for this, wtf.
TwinGunsLLP 8:23 PM
Dunno, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Shredded-Legacy 7:19 PM
When will #1 be packed?
TwinGunsLLP 12:03 PM
Angry_Cuban13 14th Dec
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
Comments are great, people ragging BFV and loving Sandstorm!
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
Semi auto is perfect for this game, as one hit is usually always a kill.
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
It's just so much fun with the semi auto weapons at medium range. I put a 2x red dot on the MK14 EBR with a suppressor and wheeee.
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
No, I think 5 maps total right now. Played a couple hours again last night, I'm really enjoying it!
superhanssolo 14th Dec
has it got more then 4-5+ maps?
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
I'm hoping he plays some more and puts the highlights in one of his highlight videos hah.
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Also, unless you've been playing for awhile since Alpha etc. you're at a big disadvantage. I was playing with folks last night who really knew the game well, so they had certain angles etc. all covered. We need to learn the maps first and then we'll do much better, the game is incredibly fun though!
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Doc is hilarious, you could tell his COD run and gun style is in no way suited for Insurgency. But he knows it's a good game that's why he never threatened to uninstall it lol.
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Good question! Yes it says team damage when you it somebody, but I never actually tkd someone so not sure.
superhanssolo 13th Dec
Doc not doing so well this game but kept his cool never the less. lol i still can't figure out if there's team damage on?
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
For giggles, here's the Doc playing it yesterday. ... atch?v=9J2Mm0COR6w
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
It's even more Hardcore more than traditional. There's absolutely no way to know if you hit somebody, or even killed somebody. You only find out your score when you die and TAB out. I really like it!
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Servers are OK, I'm in STL and set it up for East Coast servers. I was routinely in the 35-50 ping range so not terrible. Best sounds in an fps game I've ever played for sure.
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Yep Insurgency Sandstorm, super fun I played three hours straight! REAL hardcore mode game, it's awesome!
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