Hey everybody! Okay I gotta ask....
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3rd Feb 2016

 Why the name "Murder Inc"? 

I have been playing on the CMW hardline server for a long time now & so ofcourse I had it bookmarked. Well I haven't played in a few weeks & so when I just logged in & noticed the name change; the first question that came to mind was....why Murder Inc? This is not meant as a disrespect in any way, just so you know....I'm just curious as to why that name? LOL!

Anyways, I briefly read about the change on the main page & (although I don't know or care about the inter-workings of the servers) I just wanted to say hi & good luck to everyone in the future. (Especially to those that have &/are still serving in RL - yeah I briefly read the forum a bit)
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3rd Feb 2016

I was curious also.. I also wonder why they ditched IPB website which is more robust then a iclanwebsite.. I'm a IPB Guru they could easily reach out and ask. And welcome.
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3rd Feb 2016

From the front of site..



Welcome to Murder Inc Gaming, formerly known as CMWgaming. The rumors are true, dyn00mite no longer wishes to be significantly active in the group. We decided to change the name of the group and get a new website for two reasons:

1) IPBoard is pretty complicated and we wanted to ensure that it was easy for our active leads to navigate permissions/edit & create pages, etc.
2) Everyone associates CMW with only dyn00mite being able to accomplish tasks, which really isn't true.

 Moving forward, MIgaming is going to become a true gaming clan. We are looking to venture into a Squad server, DayZ server, and others to be more dynamic than a primary Battlefield group. Rest easy, we retained the entire infrastructure of CMWgaming—Battlefield servers, donations systems, money, virtual servers, dedicated server, databases, etc. This is essentially just a renaming and re-structuring of the group. Please stick around for our new adventure.

P.S. Currently one cannot see the forum (except scheduled BF events) unless you are signed in.
Murder Inc Gaming

Read more: http://www.migaming.us/#ixzz3z5otduMW

Local Rust Hacker

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3rd Feb 2016

what he said^^

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ http://www.twitch.tv/stup ... idk0ala

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