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29th Aug 2016

Hello everyone!

Been playing on the #9 server for the past few months and decided to visit the website and teamspeak today. Really enjoyed myself and submitted an app. Thank you for the acceptance and look forward to playing with you all. Just a bit about myself... My name is Jarrod aka Jroda904 in game. I live in FL and am a Corpsman in the Navy. I have been playing the battlefield series since battlefield 1942 on pc. I have just recently built a new pc and have been getting back into gaming and was looking for a fun community to play along with! Think I have found the right home! look forward to meeting and playing with you all! 
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29th Aug 2016

Hey man, I frequent #9 with a few of my buddies! Welcome aboard, and I'll keep a lookout for you on #9! Cheers.

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29th Aug 2016

Welcome to our community. We'll catch you #9!

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Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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Join Discord and vote "YES" or "NO" to remove Dragon Valley from rotatioN!
Angry_Cuban13 15th Apr
funkadelik 15th Apr
What happened to the teamspeak? Is everyone using Discord these days?
Angry_Cuban13 15th Apr
Sh!v3r, we have a HC server but since we came a little late into the BF1 game we haven't had much luck with it
Sh!v3r_MethGOD 15th Apr
who runs migaming and is dyn00mite retired?
Sh!v3r_MethGOD 15th Apr
Does migaming having any battlefield 1 servers
godsowndelta 15th Apr
i cant find my family
Angry_Cuban13 14th Apr
Great. DSL level ping
JL 14th Apr
ORG platoon has 9 members on server 1 lol
JL 14th Apr
BR invasion
Angry_Cuban13 14th Apr
TwinGuns, you should consider temporarily joining Discord to participate in some of the voting we'll be having. You can disable notifications unless they mention you directly.
Da-Jesuss 13th Apr
need good monitoring software for CPU and GPU
Angry_Cuban13 12th Apr
Try now.
Joathans 12th Apr
I was trying to apply to be a seeder and i get the access denied. what am i doing wrong?
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