Hello MiG!
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Joined: 20th Nov 2017
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21st Nov 2017

Im JPG2112. Just recently joined MiG but I have been playing in the PUBG TS for just under 5 or so weeks. So I have probably have played with a few of you. But I would like to formally introduce myself! Ill catch you guys around!

- JPG2112

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21st Nov 2017

Yo, whats up JPG!

"If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny"

Joined: 20th Nov 2017
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21st Nov 2017

WHAT is up mah boi!

- JPG2112

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24th Nov 2017


Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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Angry_Cuban13 7:55 AM
He'll have your ping Hans
superhanssolo 7:47 AM
welcome back mate.
MIg-Guardian 1:41 AM
I am all settled in my move back to Japan :-), house setup, gaming setup..ready to rock! what are you guys playing these days? PUBG I bet? :-P
MIg-Guardian 1:40 AM
Guys!! I know some of you may remember me..or not..I was here for a short time..but I am back!
UrbanCamper 12:57 AM
nothing i jkust like saying no way dball
dballs 12:01 AM
what did i do now?
UrbanCamper 6:12 PM
no way dballs
UrbanCamper 5:48 PM
old? your a young whippersnapper. Stay off my lawn or i will take your ball.
TwinGunsLLP 22nd Jan
LoL no thanks!
Angry_Cuban13 22nd Jan
Shhh Twins, let me take you back to the days of DarthOnaga. Wanna take a trip down memory lane?
Heca 22nd Jan
you're not the only one, love!
TwinGunsLLP 22nd Jan
I am officially old as of this moment. I have no idea what is going on in that hacking/red dot thread and main forum post.
NTAK (Banned) 22nd Jan
Cryptocurrencies bleeding out today...
UrbanCamper 22nd Jan
im central time so if your on the east coast i would say 2:30 am or so.
Angry_Cuban13 22nd Jan
And you're in a different time zone than I am, so....
UrbanCamper 22nd Jan
the time i posted?
Angry_Cuban13 22nd Jan
Around what time?
UrbanCamper 22nd Jan
um "a couple"
UrbanCamper 22nd Jan
I think warnings and reporting players are off. Seen a could word that should have caused punish but did not.
NTAK (Banned) 21st Jan
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