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5th Mar 2016

Hello everyone, I have been playing on your server for months and have also just applied to join your clan.
I am 28, live in illinois, and I am a home every weekend truck driver.
I have been playing BF4 since it came out, and I have played BF3, BF2, BF1942, and BF2142.
I started playing shooters with Return to Castle Wolfenstein and RTCW: Enemy Territory.  I used to run my own Server and lead my own gaming clan for RTCW:ET and I am a registered member of PunksBusted anti-cheat group for ET.

Anyways I thought I would just drop in and say Hi while I waited on my application. I am getting on server 8 now, happy hunting.
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5th Mar 2016

hi welcome in the MIg forums

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ http://www.twitch.tv/stup ... idk0ala

Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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