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23rd Apr 2016

Some of you might remember me when the group was CMW.  I apologize for my absence but real life sorta took over and I just now beginning to get back in the swing of things!

I just got my Battlefield 4 reloaded on my system and look forward to playing again!  To those who remember me, it will be good to talk to you again and for anyone new, I look forward to getting to know you better on the field of battle!

This may help some remember who I was, LOL!
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23rd Apr 2016
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KonflicT_RiZe (Banned)
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23rd Apr 2016

Give a nice big warm welcome to Necron guys! Hes one of our oldest. A genuinely awesome person!

"If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny"

Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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Angry_Cuban13 24th May
Post some links brah
Texas_Flexas 23rd May
Jackfrags on YT has some interesting information on gameplay mechanics and such. All the shit you want to hear about seems to be in that video and not the official Dice one. Go figure.
Texas_Flexas 23rd May
Holding out for EA Play
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
"Maybe Hardline wasn't so bad after all" bwhaha
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
"Did I see a transgender in that Panzer"? Hah, some of these comments are killing me.
Da-Jesuss 23rd May
This BF5 looks just like BF1
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
Angry_Cuban13 23rd May
Someone already said that there's probably gonna be a super racist platoon that's gonna have all the characters black as a fuck you lol
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
I mean looking at Reddit, you have to really, REALLY look to see a single positive comment. It's basically 99.9% bad. Haha
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
I bet they won't even put the nazi symbol in the game.
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
Meh, maybe they'll give you an option in settings to turn off those models hah
Angry_Cuban13 23rd May
>adding females because muh PC
Angry_Cuban13 23rd May
Did you see the Brit with a katana? lmao
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
Looks like a Farcry game. Hah, DICE went full retard.
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
Though look at the picture on this page of the four "soldiers". Lmfao, how do those characters in anyway represent anything from WW2? Lawlz ... field-5-premium-pass
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
I'll still get it though once it's released and some reviews come out. With any luck, the stupid feminist crap will only be in the single player which I never bother with anyway.
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
Battlefield V(agina). Hah the comments on the forums are brutal.
TwinGunsLLP 23rd May
Fanboy pre-order alert scrub? ;P
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