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4th Mar 2017

Fuck, description uhhh... Idk wtf fml, so I'm just going to do this in job resume/dating profile format.

Name: Charles
Username: Battle_Balrog on BF4 (Neurons on everything else)
Age: 27
Gender: I identify as a Komodo Dragon.
Languages: English/French/Spanish
Dual Citizen: American/French
Origins: New Orleans, Louisiana bred Southerner. Moved to Homer, Alaska last year.
Work: Currently a Satellite Technician.
Gaming systems over time: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Gamecube, but most of all PC MASTER RACE.

What brought me to MiG? I'm trying to build video content ( like this one)for my little youtube channel and modest stream. Battlefield is probably my top game to confidently smash dat ass. The thing is, I'm worn out with solo play and randoms. I'm hoping to meet some funny ass players here that can get tactical while calling each other butt-plugs, or something to that effect. However, I don't just want to end up in some place that assimilates anyone that's interested. I noticed MiG does a screening process, so here's the deal, I am here to reveal my sex appeal.

Outside of gaming: I used to be an urban free runner. After hyper-extending a shoulder, straining a knee, and breaking a metatarsal I decided it was time to give up the concrete jungle. I was 21 at the time. Unfortunately, my injuries didn't break my desire for agility training so I found a gymnasium and started doing tumbling. YET AGAIN I fucked myself up. I fell on my neck numerous times (thankfully, on a trampoline), buckled one knee backwards, and inevitably jacked up an Achilles tendon. Had to give up tumbling at age 26. Recently, I started lifting weights because what the fuck else can I do anymore... On the bright side, I'll finally be able to build mass (fuck this ectomorphic body type). I went from 145 lbs @ 6' to my current 170 lbs over the course of 7 months.

Dick Pic:


Comment: Your people have already added me to the [CUCK] squad. That's an endearing promotion, right?
Comment 2: I do a killer impression of Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy.
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Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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superhanssolo 20th Jan
not if dice doesn't do anything to "fix it".. bf V visuals are bad, headache inducing, optometrist conspiracy levels bad. so "my fix" is to run lightning quality on ultra and rest on medium to low, having said that, i really like the clean "cheat" look lol
TwinGunsLLP 20th Jan
Lolll, BFV TF2 edition. OF COURSE it's cheating, what a dumb question!! ... atch?v=eixkJ_7VbQE
TwinGunsLLP 20th Jan
After playing BR for a few days, I can see why it's so popular with streamers. It's just a time KILLER. I played three hours last night and it felt like 20 minutes.
TwinGunsLLP 20th Jan
7.62 will have to do, no melee weapons in the game right now.
lordteapot 20th Jan
s the only way to be sure
lordteapot 20th Jan
stab her in the face
TwinGunsLLP 19th Jan
Lots of amazing pickoff too, like there's no way somebody could have known where I was without walls. Oh well, nothing new with the cheats I guess.
TwinGunsLLP 19th Jan
Annnnd of course since it's a free game, running into a bunch of cheats. Lazering across the map etc. Grrrrrrrrrrr
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jan
I just suck terribly at it now, I make a ton of dumb mistakes but learning!
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jan
Shroud's been playing that a lot, might do so. Thanks!
Angry_Cuban13 18th Jan
Check out Tarkov if you really get into BR
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jan
Took about 20 tries, but finally *won* a round heh. GET TO DA CHOPPA!
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jan
ALOT of fun, and you can't beat FREE right?
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jan
In ROE, all the attachment etc. for guns automatically attach to your weapons as soon as you pick them up. There also seems to be far less clutter etc to worry about, and the new map is really well done. I'm a newbie to the genre and didn't feel as intimidated as I did when playing PUBG.
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jan
If anybody is looking for a fun BR type game to play FREE, be sure to try Ring of Elysium. I've tried BR in the past, but if you're new to the genre it can seem kind of overwhelming in PUBG with all the shit you can pick up.
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