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17th Oct 2016

Yes, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Montag.  Just thought I'd say hi and pop into the site.  I think this is my first time on y'alls forums?  Anyways, see you crazy nuts in the server!
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17th Oct 2016
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18th Oct 2016

welcome to MIg, where all the cool cats hang around :D

̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ M ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐i ͐ͩ͋̂G ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐
̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂S ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐UP ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿eR-̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐HA͓͉̝̳̦̘̮̖̬ͧ̓̒̔ͮN͔͎̝͉̥ͩͫ̏s

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18th Oct 2016

Quotewelcome to MIg, where all the cool cats hang around :D
He is not an oficial member yet. hahaha until then welcome in the forums. 

if you want to make it official just do this little form and you are all good to go.

Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ ... idk0ala

Forum » Community » Introductions - Stop by and Say Hello!
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TwinGunsLLP 21st Sep
Gotdamn Natzis!
Texas_Flexas 21st Sep
Remember that time the entire world got tired of Nazis lol
Angry_Cuban13 21st Sep
Wannabe Nazis are annoying
Angry_Cuban13 21st Sep
OrangeEnergyJeb 20th Sep
Oh damn
TwinGunsLLP 20th Sep
TwinGunsLLP 20th Sep
"keep your edgy teenager shit out of our server and if you put on a retarded edgy emblem again your ban will not be lifted" - Angry Cuban
TwinGunsLLP 20th Sep
OrangeEnergyJeb 20th Sep
Good news! Dragon Valley isn't glitching for me after updating to the latest NVidia drivers. Yippy!
TwinGunsLLP 19th Sep
Sure have a good night
LBCdirtyD 19th Sep
thanks for letting me know
TwinGunsLLP 19th Sep
Yeah 1080ti since the day it came out, great card.
LBCdirtyD 19th Sep
Wow. That sucks so you just rocking single GPU then these days huh
TwinGunsLLP 19th Sep
It's more a recent thing, the 10xx series seemed to want to kill it off.
LBCdirtyD 19th Sep
Did they recently just start kiling off SLI i had no issues back in day when BF4 came out with my SLI 680FTWs it was mega diff in FPS then
TwinGunsLLP 19th Sep
Yep. SLI is only good for benchmarking and putting up big numbers. For actual game play, the microstutter is terrible and I even have GSYNC monitor.
LBCdirtyD 19th Sep
If the performancce was major good keep it in SLI now doubt I will even do that just keep the FE in there I dont use it all the time anyway.
TwinGunsLLP 19th Sep
Ahh, yeah I wouldn't bother. Believe I love the idea of multiple GPUs, but it just doesn't work well.
LBCdirtyD 19th Sep
My driving sim has 1080Ti Founders Edition in mid size case I hate how much heat it pumps out and was gonna sell it get the new FTW3 and use in SLI till sold the FE one.
LBCdirtyD 19th Sep
Dang that is sad to hear actually. I was going to pick up another 1080Ti FTW and sell my 1080Ti from my Driving sim PC I hate how much heat it dumps and SLI for minute till I sold it.
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